221 – TWW Live: Are You a Maker or a Woodworker?

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Welcome to the first in a new series of live shows called TWW Live! The latest news, reviews, and your projects and questions.

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– The Great Bessey/Lowes Feeding Frenzy of 2014: Ryan Royal gets the “no-prize.” He picked up 32 worth of clamps for just 0!

Featured Project
– Anna’s Hope Chest by Steve Boudreau: http://www.thewoodwhisperer.com/viewer-projects/annas-hope-chest
– Submit Your Project: http://www.thewoodwhisperer.com/contact/submit-your-project

– Chuck Hampton wonders if we need another video series that shows projects and answers questions.
– Chris is trying to decide if he’s a Maker or a Woodworker, after reading this Nerdist article: http://www.nerdist.com/2014/06/mythbusters-adam-savage-has-made-it-cool-to-be-creative-again
– Ashley has some insightful thoughts about what makes a Maker a Maker.

In Case you Missed It
– Bill Doran – Leatherman Pouch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbJHpnEeekU

– Adam Savage – Why We Make: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_otrgJ8Lmx4

Gear Up!
– Check out the new SENCO FinishPro 21LXP 21 gauge brad nailer: http://www.senco.com/ToolDetails.aspx?c=1&k=8M0001N

Learnin’ Time
– Woodworks Season V: http://www.djmarks.com/product-category/seasons

In the Shop
– A beautiful jewelry box collaboration project with Gary Rogowski.
– Bending forms for the Morris Chair.

– WatchingDragon – “How do you cut wood for a wooden tankard with only hand tools?”
– Jonathan – “When burning wood scraps, are there any types that are dangerous?”
– Eric – “Suggestions for a good cheap readily-available wood for a beginning woodworker?
– Matt – “Have you ever had the problem that you spend the majority of time building things for the shop?”
– JC – “Any suggestions for finishes for children’s toys?”

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20 Replies to “221 – TWW Live: Are You a Maker or a Woodworker?”

  1. Poplar wood caused me to rush to hospital and get stitches due to a know while wood working and recieved 6 stitches.

  2. The maker/woodworker section was very interesting and i enjoyed it very much. In the end it doesnt really matter what you call yourself or even what process you use as long as you get a sense of accomplishment from it. So use CNC, go completely electricity free or some where in the middle but use your mind and build what ever it is that gives you a thrill.

  3. Your definition of woodworker versus maker is spot on. Most of the entrepreneurs in Colonial and Post-Revolution America were makers up to the present day. Ben Franklin, Tom Jefferson, Tom Edison, Eli Whitney, John Deere (the first cast-steel plow)and on and on. A woodworker is a Maker who focus on one material and there is more than a lifetime of exploration and creativity just right there. We are both cut from the same cloth.

  4. Using the definitions of woodworker or maker I tend to vary based on the project. There are woodworking projects where I want to build the whole thing without fasteners.

  5. That's more than true!! Paul Sellers is a damn Yoda and if I want straight instruction, then I go to his channel. I couldn't watch it daily. I'm a 3rd generation custom and fine woodworker. I started watching AvE who is a machinist and works with steel. I never had a want to do that…. Until watching his channel.

  6. We always need another craftsman to show us the "How To" from their point of view! Thank You for sharing your knowledge and talent.

  7. Maker to me is someone who makes things of their own. Sure you might be more precise if you work primarily with wood to call yourself a woodworker, but I would see maker as more of an all-encompassing term. A woodworker is a maker. A metal worker is a maker. A sculptor is a maker. A quilter is a maker. A foamsmith like Bill Duran is a maker. He uses primarily foam but will use other materials if they will get him the results that he is after. I am a maker. I make costumes and props and holiday decorations. I've worked with fabric and foam and metal and plastics and I am just getting into woodworking. I wouldn't call myself a woodworker because I wouldn't consider that my specialty, but in just the last few months working with wood I have learned so much, and know how much more I have to learn. A maker is someone who finds a need or a want, and puzzles out how to make something to fill that need or want. The material or the process used is not the point, the point is that you make something, not purchase something to fill that role.

  8. i'm a little late to the comment party but as a woodworker you are a maker, the real question is whether you are a maker or a taker/consumer

  9. You use the term wood working but what you are doing is fabricating. Fabricating is the the term that ties makers and wood workers together. At least this is how I see it.

  10. I'm glad I went back and watched this. I really love how you say to just get in and build something. While I've botched plenty of projects, this is how you learn for sure, just getting in there and making something. I consider myself a very very novice woodworker. I look at Marc and thing dang, how can I get to that point, probably won't happen anytime soon but I still get joy out of building something

  11. I'm just learning wood working so not much to contribute. Walnut is something to take precautions with when working or burning.

  12. I am a maker. I make other peoples mistakes go away. In the field home repair/finish carpentry/improvisational woodworking to make a problem go away.

    Side note: myth busters are TRASH!! The only thing they make is me sick.

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