48 – How To Make a Cigar Humidor with Pacific Coast Tiger Maple

I offer a complete set of 3D Plans for this project here:
Cigar Humidor Woodworking Plans

I make many projects for YouTube viewers, and this is one. It was meant to be a gift, and the client needed to have a logo put on top.

We talked about some design ideas, and settled on Pacific Coast Tiger Maple with an East Indian Rosewood inlay of the company logo on the top. I have made many humidors in the past but I wanted this one to be special because this was such a beautiful wood combination, and I don’t get to use light colored woods very often.

I decided it would look best to build the piece with through dovetail joinery. This also gives added strength for a piece that needs to expand and contract internally because humidification is necessary in a dry climate.

I chose a raised panel style for the lid to give more character. And of course, the inside would be lined with Spanish Cedar. This is the best wood for this type of project for a couple of reasons. First, this species handles expansion and contraction very well with changes in moisture content. It actually moves very little. And second, the chemical compounds that smell so nice to us in the cedar are actually toxic for tobacco beetles. Occasionally cigar aficionados may get a cigar that has a tobacco beetle or an egg in it. If this occurs, it won’t have a chance to grow and spread inside the humidor, since the Spanish Cedar will kill them off.

For the inlay, I needed it to be cut very precisely on a CNC machine. Luckily I had a friend who could do it for me. He is a very skilled woodworker, and actually has a YouTube page of his own. You should check him out, his name is Brian Benham: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXO8f1IIliMKKlu5PgSpodQ

I hope you find the build interesting and informative. Please feel free to leave a comment or email me with any questions.

How to make the Extreme Table Saw Sled:

How to Make Through Dovetail Joints:

Brian Benham’s Channel:

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20 Replies to “48 – How To Make a Cigar Humidor with Pacific Coast Tiger Maple”

  1. Can i hire you to build a display box for a custom engraved pistol
    Would like the same wood.. i understand quality work cost
    And is not cheap. Dimensions would be 12x6x4 with the smith & Wesson
    Logo on top.. would you be interested in the job.
    Thank you for your time and video… very nice wood grain and craftsmanship

  2. Why don’t you groove in the floor of your boxes? It’s water tight and by far more secure and attractive over time! Thanks for doing videos that my grandchildren can understand, follow and come into my wooshop and feel successful in basic skills!

  3. NOW we’re getting on to the most important woodwork! Why do it if your cant set on the porch and have a well aged cigar and 50 year old single malt in the evening?

  4. Thanks for video! That bottom panel is going to expand, bow, and crack because like you said, the sides are not going to move. I would rabbet and float the bottom panel. If you need a tight fit there for humidity reasons use a piece of plywood. If you want a species match, make a piece of veneer and glue to plywood. Just my opinion. Thanks again.

  5. There needs to be some overlap of the top and bottom halves so it can seal. While this is a great looking box, not so great as a humidor.

  6. my fridge is down.
    so im checking out project videos @ 3am
    im also out of cigars.
    now thats what i call a nice box

  7. Looks amazing! However, i would like to add something that would make it perfect. The lip of the interior Spanish cedar should be around all of the sides. It will ensure an airtight seal. As a cigar smoker, we want a beautiful humidor that also has excellent functionality. Without the airtight seal, the humidor is pointless. Only constructive criticism! Other than that, it looks impeccable.

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