5 Woodworking Cuts You Need to Know How to Make | WOODWORKING BASICS

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Sometimes the terminology gets confusing, so in this BASICS episode, I’ll break down the 5 basic types of woodworking cuts and how to make them.

5 Basic Woodworking cuts you need to know how to make

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20 Replies to “5 Woodworking Cuts You Need to Know How to Make | WOODWORKING BASICS”

  1. very nice brother.i like it very much.i always see those vedios that inspired me very much. i 'm from india .

  2. dude I´d watch your videos even if I wasn´t interested in woodworking… your good vibes save me the shrink! THANKS!

  3. I would like to say that ripcuts are easy as pie with at least a circular saw. All you need is a sraight-egde to put your saw against. I'll admit that on narrow boards you need a bit of extra wood to support the other side of the base of the saw. (to prevent the saw leaning) but thats it… let her rip, taterchip!

  4. steve Regarding your ad for mattresses I think you need to stick to woodworking. It is a joke. I know: regarding my joke I should refrain from comments.

  5. ok ive been involved in woodwork from a very early age n if im not mistaken when ripping anything with a band saw im sure ure ment to bring the guide for the blade down so tha its barely above the height of the piece your ripping that in turn with using a stop of some sort,,,, i dont wanna criticise too much as i have found these videos to be very helpful, and i am a fan of the page and what he's doing. of course he could have only left it like that to show just how the blade can wander… im unsure. either way jus thought id point tha out to see wha people think.

  6. Hey Steve have you ever messed around with those Japanese hand saws by any chance? Just knew of their existence recently. Being a woodworking noob, I found them to be fascinating how quick they eat through lumber. Know you do cuts with your power tools, but just wondering your thoughts on the tool cause I value you as a master of the craft my friend. Thanks for reading

  7. any pushtool that involves your hands over a blade is stupid. I have seen many injuries in my field because of pushsticks and or gloves.

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