7 Essential Power Tools for Beginning Woodworkers | Woodworking Basics

If you are just starting out in woodworking, congratulations! You are embarking on a meaningful and productive hobby. I want to assure you that it doesn’t have to break the bank to get started. Here are my recommendations for the power tools you’ll need to get started. BTW, did you know you can set up shop for less than 00? Download my FREE GUIDE ►► https://theweekendwoodworker.com/tww-tools/

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20 Replies to “7 Essential Power Tools for Beginning Woodworkers | Woodworking Basics”

  1. Hand-tool woodworking is also super cheap. I got a pull saw, coping saw, marking knife, set of chisels, #5 bench plane, and knock off workmate and the glass and sandpaper sharpening system for under $200. (With judicious use of craigslist) I'm eager to get some powertools to match, and am in no way hung up on hand woodworking for snobbery, it was just my cheapest entry point.

    Looking forward to getting into the powertool game for bigger projects with the tutilage of you and channels like you soon. Thanks again 🙂

  2. Steve I love your videos and they are very well made!! But I have heard you and others talk about "setting up a tool shop for under $1000" and I have to say that I live in an area of New York State between Ithaca New York (home of Cornell) and Binghamton New York, (home of SUNY Binghamton and close to Endicott Johnson (the former shoe factory) and IBM which are in Endicott New York literally a stone throw from Binghamton), and you as well as other suggest "shopping for tools on Craig's List!!

    In my area (which I already summarized) you'd think would be full of "smart people" but instead there is nothing but idiots around here!! Instead of selling a used band saw for say $50 to $150 that sells new for $200 they would rather take it in for scrap metal and make $5 to $15 off it for scrap!! And those that DO SELL tools on Craig's List want $200 (which you can buy a new saw for that) for a beat up piece of junk that DOES NOT run, is missing parts, and will cost you another $200 to repair before you can even use it!!

    Sadly has this is I have looked at buying used drill presses that were total junk, band saws that were so damaged they were more trouble than they were worth to repair, and things like miter saws, table saws, and even other hand held power tools (circular and jig saws) that were so beat up that you have to laugh at the guy selling it, for thinking his crap is worth $200 when a new saw is only $150 on sale!!

    In the end I have totally given up on Craig's List, calling BULLS**T on what a scam it has become, you are simply way better off avoiding the jerks and going to retail chains like Lowe's or Home Depot and buying BRAND NEW instead of trying to buy a cheap used model that is never as "good as advertised"!! In one case I bought a used miter saw and used it to cut a few 2x4s when I realized the blade was junk AND that is when I found out that the tool required to remove the blade was missing, and there was NO WAY TO replace the tool I needed to swap out the blade, as lucky me the saw I bought took a "special tool" according to the manual!! And I won't go into the nightmare I had with a certain Craftsman 10" Table Saw I bought either!!

    And before I close this rant, it only gets worse if you post a "wanted" ad on Craig's List in my area as well….because apparently nobody and I mean NOBODY is smart enough to run a computer to bother with reading your "wanted" post and then you have idiot flaggers that if you post "Wanted Used Table Saw" they immediately get your ad removed as "spam" or so other nasty!!! I am CERTAIN this is limited to my area of New York….but from my own personally experiences the rule of thumb is "avoid headaches" BUY NEW AND ONLY NEW ITEMS!! Sure you will have a ton of cash into shop tools….but your life will be far less stressful in the end!!!!!

  3. I think for most wood working projects you can really get by with a circular saw and a drill. Having a 2nd drill and/or driver is a nice luxury as it speeds you up a little cause you don’t have to fumble changing bits around.
    The circular saw is the king of saws for a reason. And with a couple of jigs (and maybe a few different types of blades) you could easily build a house (and it’s furnishings) using only that saw.
    Great video and info!!

  4. I have my shop in my garage and have table saw, router table etc., all on trolleys made with boards and strong caster wheels so I can drag then out when needed. I haven't got an aircraft hanger so this system works well for me. Thanx for your videos, they are well worth the watch.

  5. I would say on this that when buying a jigsaw spend a bit more money and get a good one. I had a cheap jigsaw for years and hated it, when I bought a good one it was a revelation. I have a very big industrial bandsaw as well and hardly ever use it now. Also for what its worth I disagree on impact drivers, I hate them. They have their place in construction and if I was framing a wall I would use one. For furniture use a normal battery drill/screwdriver and predrill your holes, far more elegant, and quieter! You do not need to spend big money on a drill.

  6. Hi Steve, love your videos. I've spent 50 years trying to get into wood working. All my tools come from pawn shops, yard and estate sales. My shop looks like a 1950 Sears catalog. Now, I'm 92 and trying to get out of wood working.
    Oh, oh…have you ever thought of growing a salt and pepper beard, getting thick horned rim glasses and wearing plaid shirts?

  7. Thanks for your videos Steve. I am a 50+ woman whose dream has always been to get into woodworking. My only problem is no one to show me & I never understood what the tools are for & which are best suited for the project. My daughter & I want to start this hobby together. Your videos have been very helpful for a complete beginner. Thanks for showing me how to do these projects.

  8. So grateful for your vids and experience!! Watch your videos all the time and have been so helpful. Have you burned your Ouiji bourd yet?

  9. I challenge WWMM to re-make all of his project using hand tools. No gas or electric powered tools. By you! Not other You-tubers as you suggest in the video. I want to see you do it. I live in an apartment, so I’m restricted about the electric and gas powered tools I can use… please!!!

  10. Steve, you must be Canadian? Far too nice and unpretentious to be American. Love your advice and your videos. Keep them coming please. Many thanks.

  11. We are new homeowners and I've wanted to build my own workshop. Seeing you work on a project gave us so much joy and hope. Thank you a million times over. Your Students Shana and Chris, new home owners.

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