7 Homemade Marking Tools for Woodwork – Scrapwood Challenge ep27

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Some of these tools were a little basic to make a video of but as a collection I thought it worked well.

As always I’m happy to answer any questions.

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20 Replies to “7 Homemade Marking Tools for Woodwork – Scrapwood Challenge ep27”

  1. A “ruler” is one who governs. The “ruler” governs but enacting “rules”. You are making and using “measuring rules”. You are NOT using or making rulers. Well, maybe you are if, you are very wealthy and very powerful.
    I really liked the instructions to make these most useful measuring rules.

  2. Awesome collection of tools, thanks for making such great content… I'm wondering how your 4×4 drawers are holding up after a years worth of use?

  3. Not just a pretty face after all 😉😊
    I do like that wood, comes up lovely with oil…well done my friend, a set to be proud of 👍🏼😊

  4. I want to build the center finder myself. However, from previous attempts, I know that even if you get all angles right it can yield indications that are off center, if the arm along which you drive the line is glued a little bit further away than just the middle of the angle. Do you have any advice on getting it glued just in the right spot?

  5. I was going to say that watching you make all those tools was cool. But it was beyond cool. Now I'm inspired to make my own. The downside is having to buy several metric rulers from Amazon. It'll be worth the cost!

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