Basic Tools For a Hand Tool Woodworking Shop – Starter Tool Set for the workshop

What tools should I buy to start Hand Tool Woodworking? Here is your answer! Here is my list of basic hand tools as a starter set for any workshop or wood shop. this is not a how-to but a how you can start woodworking for less than

— Tools Listed —
Wet Stones –
Dimond Plates – (I use Extra coarse, Medium-fine, and Extra fine)
Chisels –
Panel saw –
Hand plane –
Square –
Marking Knife –
Marking gauge –
Mortising gauge –
Sash saw –
Card scraper –
File set –
Brace –
Auggers –
Bar clamps –
Block plane –
Coping saw –
Spoke shave –
Plow Plane –

— Videos Mentioned —
Sharpening –
Making a mallet –
Finishing mallet –
Scrub plane –
How to sharpen a hand saw –
Clamps –
Making a card scraper –
Stanley 45 and 55 –
Block Planes –
Make a router plane –
Make a spokeshave –

Tools I Use:

—Book I am Listening to in the video—
The Fellowship of the Ring (8.5 out of 10) –
Audible membership I use –

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20 Replies to “Basic Tools For a Hand Tool Woodworking Shop – Starter Tool Set for the workshop”

  1. What specific Veritas saw is that, the "carcass saw"? And what is the tpi, I would like a hybrid type for rip and crosscut but they don't seem to offer that. It's possible they no longer make the sash saw because all I see available on their site is a 12 tpi rip and a 14 tpi crosscut. However bad axe does make the sash saw with hybrid teeth, I just don't have the funds for something like that.

  2. Wow I was hoping to find that I needed something else. sounds like this is the list to keep in my tool box underneath my work bench. Thanks for the information.

  3. Great advice! One question: How did you make the dog holes in your workbench with only saw, chisels and plane?

  4. Sandpaper on granite .i use 120,220 and400 grit 4 inch rolls with adhesive on back from klingspore.after400 grit I buff with white polishing compound on a loose cloth wheel to a mirror finish.its fast and gets super sharp results

  5. Be careful on what you link to. The link for the Veritas router is to a miniature (toy) version that is selling for over 10 times its actual price. While Amazon is reputable, they donโ€™t always check what people are selling through them.

  6. So.. im very new to this woodworking stuff and am proud to say I completed my first project (small jewelry box with dovetails). Ive amassed and restored a Stanley 3,4, and 5 and block plane. I got a decent set of chisels, marking tools, dovetail, cross cut and rip saw, brace and bits, and egg beater drill. Im having trouble deciding what tools to buy next. I was thinking a router plane and a large plane like 7 or 8… or should i get a combination plane? Which ones are truly more useful?

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