Before You Spend Money on A Shed…Watch This Video

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In this video, I build the Heartland Stratford 12 foot by 8 foot shed, purchased from Lowes on sale. This video covers some of the process and challenges I encountered when building a modified floor design with a prefab kit. The other challenges included dealing with poor quality structural lumber that was warped, twisted or bowed. The take away for the manufacturer would be to supply a better framing structure and wall studs made from thick plywood as opposed to 2 X 3s. In the end I made it all work but it didn’t really save me any time versus building from scratch. The kit did come with all the hardware and the OSB boards for the roof. The roofing itself was made up of Ondura corrugated roofing panels.


DISCLAIMER: My videos are for entertainment purposes only. Do not attempt to do anything that is shown in my videos. Woodworking and Metal Working are very dangerous activities and should only be performed by trained professionals.

Make a Simple Tapering Jig:

Make a Hinge Mortising Jig:

Cutting End Grain on a Router Table:

Watch me build the cross-cut Sled (bridle Joint Jig) :



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20 Replies to “Before You Spend Money on A Shed…Watch This Video”

  1. This 8X12 Shed cost approximately $3000, including the Deck blocks, floor timber, flooring, shed kit, roofing materials, hardware and paint.

  2. I love the deck blocks, I used them to build the floor for my shed…. too bad the framing has outlasted the crappy metal shed I put on top of it! At least I know I can tear down the metal shed and build a new one on it.

  3. Pro tip, download instructions from their website, find out what materials are needed. Then go to Lowe's and buy your own materials piece meal, getting the best quality of lumber by picking what you want. Then, do your build. You will save money and get best materials.

  4. I have two sheds in my backyard one is concrete and it’s a pretty big one compared to yours and the other shed is a wooden one that is about the size of yours but mine is literally falling apart one of the bords is falling off and a couple of tiles on the roof are gone and my dad wants to tear it down but I want to fix it up and make it like a little room that me and my friends could hang out or just like a space where you can just relax but the problem is that we do not have a lot of money so I would either have to do chores and save money over time but to get enough money for the resources it would probably take me over a year and I forgot to mention me and my dad are not bad at building nor are we good I mean we replaced a part of my room within a week but it was only like a 5 by 6 area and we had to borrow money from my grandpa so I guess this “dream shed” is not going to happen

  5. I love challenges so 6 years ago I built a shed from scratch, no help. Fun, but hard work I picked July in the South. Dumb! Glad I did it, but I would buy one next time.

  6. Two key factors
    A good bit of out of pocket expense and crap structural lumber ! ..these kits have been sitting around pretty made God knows when so warped lumber is a major problem …I built mine from scaps from housing developments mostly can find really good 2× 4s in dumpsters and scap piles or by asking carpenters what they are not using for the build they are on at the jobsite ..I think you'll find that most are willing to help

  7. Make it a little taller and include a loft. Makes way more room for little extra. I've even used patio door glass and put skylites for less lighting needs. Otherwise nice job. I know people that live in these while building their homes in the mountains. Wood burner or even a diesel oil stove can heat the small area. The loft will always be warm.

  8. I would much rather design & build my own shed from scratch. You could have made it any shape or size you needed instead of a standard kit size.

  9. Great job! I plan to build a shed like yours and this video showed me the correct way to use the concrete footing blocks to build a good structure. Thank you.

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