Beginner Woodworking Tools | Hand Tools & Power Tools | Woodworking for Beginners #31

In this video we review beginner woodworking tools that will help you get started woodworking.
New woodworkers have a vast array of tools to choose from, starting with workshop hand tools like chisels, wood planes and combination squares to power tools like drills and circular saws and on to woodworking machinery like table saws, jointers and mitre saws, and of course with many many different brands and prices. In this video I have selected the tools, in some sort of an order that if I were starting woodworking today, I would choose these tools, in this order.

Tool Review Playlist:
Woodworking Tool Tips Playlist:

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20 Replies to “Beginner Woodworking Tools | Hand Tools & Power Tools | Woodworking for Beginners #31”

  1. Awesome sir, i really appreciate your work and want to be your student…from Pakistan.
    Best Regards
    Hassaam Tariq

  2. Hi Colin, I want to start into woodworking, and bumped into your channel, great tips/advise, will surely take into consideration, I have to watch all your other beginner videos, very well explained, thank you.

  3. Hi sir I’m an avid follower of your videos. First off sorry for “out of topic” question. Lol

    I’m a newbie in woodworking, so the first step I’m going to commit is, purchasing either 2 of these items.. Miter saw from makita XSL06 or Bosch GTS1031 table saw.. both is about the same in price (im on a tight budget somehow) .. which one is worth to buy? Any advice?

  4. Hello! I need some help identifying a hand tool and I thought this place was the best place to ask. I have a hand tool from a brand called EGA. It is old but in good condition. I initially thought it was a chisel but when I looked up how to sharpen it I realised that no videos showed how to sharpen mine. It is bevelled but on both side of the surface meaning I can flip this tool on either side it is identical. I saw that most chiseled are bevelled only on one side with a flat surface on the other hence my confusion. If anybody can help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

  5. I started out with a mitre saw and a drill. Then got an random orbital sander. I need to get a hand plane. Any recommendations?

  6. Hi there,

    I'm from England, I want to build a Cabin in America to live in.
    I don't have the skills to build it but I want to do some things on it.

    I have been thinking about Woodworking courses, I was wondering if you run courses??

    I would like to help on someone's Cabin Build in America, but I can't seem to make the connections through YouTube.

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