Canadian Woodworks Shop Walk Through

Paul Lemiski of Canadian Woodworks and Legacy Lumber is a custom furniture maker, saywer, and woodworking instructor. I had the opportunity to visit Paul while I was in Toronto recently. I previously visited him 2 years ago. Paul’s shop and operation has grown substantially in that time.
Previous Shop Walk Through:

Sawmill Walk Through:

Paul Lemiski

Outlet Store:
5775 Atlantic Dr
Unit 5
Mississauga, ON L4W 4P3

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20 Replies to “Canadian Woodworks Shop Walk Through”

  1. Thanks so much Paul for taking the time to show us around your shop! I'll be getting the sawmill walk through posted soon.

  2. I always wanted a wood shop or at least work at one. Love working with wood but ended up building houses. Ran an offset printing press then became a caster/Jeweler. But wood work was always my dream. I did do a lot of chain saw forest work in my early years. Fell some big trees.

    Hell Iā€™d come and work for free just to be in a shop like that now that Iā€™m retired. Well, I can do the next best thing; watch videos on YouTube. Thank for sharing.

  3. Wow! A German made woodworking machine made pre ww2 and still making money today unbelievable. Most machines made in Germany are First Class followed by Japan then America. I'm Australian and I'm going to try my hardest to make one of those chairs they are awesome
    Great video.

  4. hi Paul
    i like to get some of that black wood i make wood truck model not toys truck i show on fair in the summer let me know if it is possable thank you
    from jean pierre in montreal

  5. That's a small fortune in machines.
    The planer would be fun to have ,but sharpening the blades would be a constant hassle and having a spiral cutter head made for it would cost more than the machine.
    Anyway, great machines .

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