Chair Making Planes by Crown Tools of Portland Maine / For Sale !

Sadly, I must part with 95 % of all my tools and wood which will not fit into the new smaller shop.

These Chair Making Planes by Crown Tools are new old stock never used on wood by me. They were bought as part of the dream which will not become a reality.

Thank you for watching and helping me pare down the old shop.

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Walter Ambrosch
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Troy, PA 16947

4 Replies to “Chair Making Planes by Crown Tools of Portland Maine / For Sale !”

  1. Beautiful set of "job specific" planes. I sure hope someone got/gets the whole set. I am not interested in chair making and couldn't pay a reasonable price for these beauties in my budget. Nice set though. I hope whomever buys them shares their skills on YouTube and gives you a link to share to their channel.

  2. Damn, I wish I had the money to get these. Definitely, keep up the videos. And thank you for them. I learned a lot from watching them.

  3. Yet another set of just beautiful planes (along with those Gordon Planes in the previous vid).   If I did more plane work they'd be a great addition to the workshop.   Please keep up all the great videos!!   Thanks — Bob

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