Designing and Building a Modern Bench – Woodworking Projects

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Our porch needed a bench. I rectified the problem. Admittedly, the design probably works better as a coffee table. That said, it is made out of cherry wood and features lots of weird angles. Please watch, enjoy, subscribe and share. Thanks!

—————————– TOOLS —————————–

Incra T-Rule (the marking square thing) –

Arm R Seal Urethane Top Coat –

—————————– MY CAMERA GEAR —————————–

Camera Body – Nikon D5600 –

Primary Lens – 85mm f/1.8 –

Secondary Lens – 35mm f/1.8 –

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Music by “The Cheeseburgers” 🙂
(AKA me and my friend Chris)

20 Replies to “Designing and Building a Modern Bench – Woodworking Projects”

  1. Such a beautifully produced film, not to mention the gorgeously simplistic bench. It's refreshing to come across your channel.

  2. Hey there, Just wanted to say thanks for making such well put together, beautifully shot and super chilled out videos – I stumbled upon one of yours about and hour ago and have drifted from one video to the next, back to back, until I got here. Love the look and feel of the furniture you make too – brilliant. It's a good job I live over here in England or otherwise my wife would no doubt want fill our house with it (which would be no bad thing if money was no object)

  3. The bench is absolute beautiful!! I am blown away that you created that in your garage. Amazing work Chris!!

  4. I try to find inspiration. The peacefulness of the filming the calmness of his voice. I become enchanted. This is my 2nd video I’ve viewed. The first was the “Pastrami” Coffee Table. Current project. Thanks man…I appreciate your efforts. It’s evident in your work.

  5. Interesting. If one were to invest this much time and effort to produce a bench, why would not one choose to build a bench that is actually COMFORTABLE?

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