How to make a basic box. And why you need to know how. | Woodworking BASICS.

How to make a basic box. And why you need to know how. | Woodworking BASICS.

Learning the skills to build a simple box will empower you to make almost anything.
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Measured plans for this box:
Oh, here’s the strap clamp I use:


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20 Replies to “How to make a basic box. And why you need to know how. | Woodworking BASICS.”

  1. This is a great video. As a beginner woodworker it has put a Table Saw at the top of my “to buy” list. Thank you for the content 👍😎

  2. The problem with rebate joints like this is that you are gluing end-grain surfaces, which are intrinsically never going to make a strong joint. It's OK for little boxes where the joints are not subject to stress… But I would still reinforce with hidden dovetailed pins if you want it not to fall apart when the glue eventually dries from age… If you have to use end-grain joints it's good practice to give them a thin coat of glue and allow it to dry before doing your final assembly.

  3. So, it's perfectly fine for making small little storage boxes, but it doesn't seem like a good idea to tell folks to just glue the bottom onto boxes. As they get larger, such as for a drawer, you want it to float, don't you?

  4. If doing your rabbeting on a saw, make sure you do the cross-grain cuts first and then the cuts with the grain, or you'll get 'break-out'.

  5. Yes, everyone starting out with diy woodwork has a tablesaw just laying around in the dedicated workshop which they also just happen to have

  6. So, a beginner hobby woodworker should have a full size table saw? I have neither the money or room for such a thing. Any other options?

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