How to Sharpen Traditional Woodturning Tools on a Bench Grinder

Learn how to properly sharpen your traditional woodturning tools on a bench grinder.
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At Craft Supplies USA, we believe that properly ground sharp tools are fundamental to successful and enjoyable woodturning.
Getting consistent, repeatable results when you sharpen doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated…

We’ll teach you how to sharpen your basic bowl gouge, skew chisel, parting tool, spindle gouge, spindle roughing gouge and scraper.


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16 Replies to “How to Sharpen Traditional Woodturning Tools on a Bench Grinder”

  1. I have the raptor tools and my leg angle is at 23 degrees but I still  have the hardest problem when I grind to get the wings concave,,,normally they come out convex,,can you help me,,

  2. Thank you, I'm new to turning/sharpening and this video is a perfect mix of comprehensive and concise. Much easier to understand the Wolverine jig now!

  3. "you dont need to spend a lot of money to get great results…..We just used a wolvering grinding jig,a wolverine vari grind and a raptor setup" are you kidding me? If that is not a lot of money then what is your expensive mark? For a professional that does make money out of woodturning,thats nothing! but for a hobyist its a lot!

  4. Hello, good morning.
    I wonder about this is that Emery made this one is thicker than the other which would be the name of this stone

  5. Great video!  I do have one question: what setting do you use on the vari-grind jig when sharpening spindle and bowl gouges?  Thanks!

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