Introduction to Hand Tool Woodworking Class

Experience the class: “Introduction to Hand Tool Woodworking with Joshua Farnsworth” in lovely Earlysville, Virginia. Sign up for classes at

You can also read the article which accompanies this video:
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16 Replies to “Introduction to Hand Tool Woodworking Class”

  1. It looks like wonderful wood. Not a single knot in sight.
    It reminds me of woodwork at school.
    I loved it, but mine never looked as good as my benchmate's. 😀

  2. I liked your video and gave you a thumbs up. I am hard of hearing and would like the volume to be higher. I have everything turned up here. The people with good hearing could turn their volume down. I will still watch your videos.

  3. Seems like the class went well and students learned a lot. Selling hand tools may a boom in the shop if you can find enough of them to restore! Thumbnail was ……… (haha).
    Need a vice that doesn’t stick out from the bench very far. Any ideas?

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