Lindsay Carves a Spoon – Get Woodworking Week 2016

Lindsay Carves a Spoon - Get Woodworking Week 2016

March 20-26 is get woodworking week which meant that it was the perfect time for Lindsay to get out to the shop and try spoon carving!

Get woodworking!

Tools Used:
3/20 Gouge:
1/2″ Round Back Chisel:
10″ 16tpi Rasp:

163 Hook Knife:
164 Hook Knife:
Carving Knife:

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20 Replies to “Lindsay Carves a Spoon – Get Woodworking Week 2016”

  1. When you're carving off the back of the spoon it's easier to take a Dremel with a small sanding drum and just go to town on it. So much quicker especially if you have trouble getting control of the carving tool that can take so much time and effort.

  2. Fabulous jewelry but safer left off while woodworking. Also a thick leather glove in the off hand in case the chisel slips. Nice lady.

  3. Most artists feel that way at some point during a project, I think it is a Unique and Beautiful spoon… you should try making a sqauddle

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