Ron discusses sourcing lumber from his local lumber yard verse a big box hardware store.

Ron’s lumber yard: Frontier Lumber http://www.fbs.us/anacortes.htm

Paulk Workbench Plans: http://www.paulkhomes.com/order-plans.html
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  1. I'd love to buy local but they're literally more then double for lumber over Home Depot and I have an account. I can't compete paying that much for material

  2. Ron, I love your vids and have picked up picked up plans for your compact workbench. I had a "small world" moment when I saw that you live in Anacortes. I lived in Oak Harbor for a few years while in the navy. I loved it there! Anyway, neat realization that we were so close and I never knew it. Keep up the amazing work with your videos. Take care.

  3. I've found my local lumber yard has far better quality building materials. Have to sort through a whole bunker of 2×4's at Home Depot to find a few that are in good enough shape to use. Prices are very comparable as well. To go to Lowes or Home Depot for me is a 30 mile one way drive. So a sheet of plywood at Home Depot is $29 for example…local lumber yard has the same plywood for $33 a sheet for example. $4 cheaper at Home Depot. Trouble with people in the town I live in is they have the I'll drive to Boise and get this that and the other…but they don't have the brains to think ok Its $4 cheaper but I spent $20 in gas getting there.

    I would rather support my local family owned small businesses than throw money at huge corporate companies…and have far lower quality products.

  4. It's 5 miles to the closest local building supply store. It's 80 miles to the closest big box store. The local store beats the big box prices on everything except sandpaper and single gang electric boxes. It isn't worth the trip.

  5. Very true. I live in a small town with one lumber store. Upon comparison they are cheaper than any of the major big box stores that are a 40 minute drive for me. Plus being local the personal relationship is awesome.

  6. I've found that Menards carries more varieties (I like their maple plywood selection) than the local lumber yard that doesn't have much of furniture grade sheets.

  7. I always try to buy in local stores my supplies but in the case of wood I dont usually buy in local lumber yards because in my country there its no way to know if the material it's legal or not and at least in the case of the home depot i know it cames from sustainable forest, i wish in my country soon make better ways to advise consumers for the local lumber yards that are enviromental friendly

  8. Great tip Ron. Most folks probably assume the big box stores are always a better deal. They certainly market themselves heavily with advertisements and use loss leaders to lure people into their stores. Your video is a good reminder to comparison shop to "really" get the best deal. Thanks for another great video and I always enjoy watching your channel.

  9. would like to go to local lumberyard but seems like they all went outta business in metro Detroit only lowes ,home depot or menards  left

  10. you defiantly need to look.. our local hardware carried a lot better ply but the cost was 2-3 times the cost and was not worth it unless you were doing really high end projects..

  11. I prefer the building suppliers over "Big Box" as I feel their quality and selection is better. However some of these suppliers have a minimum order. I have encountered anywhere from $50 to as high as $200.  Also some will not sell to anyone who is not a "contractor". The other issue is most places that I use won't let you cull thru the material to pick the ones you want.

  12. Darn right you got a great buy! Big box stores really don't care about the customers that much, just that they make the highest profit possible off of customers not in the know as much as you.

  13. here in the uk you can buy ply straight off the importers at literally half the price of the huge home/diy shops. crazy difference

  14. Here in Montreal, Canada, the birch ply sold at HD is really high quality (and Made in Canada). I was very surprised indeed when I first saw it. The lumber there on the other hand is dreadful, and I always buy my raw lumber at the local yards instead.

  15. I agree, my grandfather (the family carpenter) always said "local is the best, box stores are for the rest…"

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