Phillip Lowe's Incredible Woodworking School

Phillip Lowe's Incredible Woodworking School

Joshua visits Phil Lowe’s “Furniture Institute of Massachusetts”…see the blog post photos & links here:

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20 Replies to “Phillip Lowe's Incredible Woodworking School”

  1. That was a very interesting video, the shop is good to see and there seems to be some high quality work being done.

  2. What an incredible looking school, teaching superb skills. Shame I live in the UK as I could learn alot from Phil.

  3. I would love  to live near your woodworking school and attend classes there and build furniture and all kinds of neat stuff for all eternity. I hope heaven is like that.

  4. hi Phil I like your video of wood can I ask you to make me tow doll house please I will pay you good money
    this doll's how's is for my Nice

  5. great video that woodworking shop it's like the one in my dreams!!! but my mind is bugging me how I get more info about the price of full time classes?

  6. Great Video, I really enjoy seeing workshops like Phils, full of history & quality craftsmanship. G'day from Aussie Land.

  7. Thanks for sharing this video, Phillip.  It's impressive and way beyond my abilities or aspirations.

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