Scrap Wood Projects for Beginners. Under $5 Bucks!

Scrap Wood Projects for Beginners. Under  Bucks! Scrap Wood Projects for Beginners. Easy to make and for under .00 bucks a piece!! Scrap Wood Projects are a great way to use up all those scraps in the shed that you would otherwise throw out. These type of simple wooden projects also utilize limited tools which mean that anybody can tackle them with ease and confidence. Check out the video and let me know what you think.

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Link to my How to do an Image Transfer Video.

The explanation starts around the 5.40 mark and ends around the 7.30 mark.
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20 Replies to “Scrap Wood Projects for Beginners. Under $5 Bucks!”

  1. Really good little projects, Ive been doing " DIY stuff" all my life, just retired and been looking at woodworking videos..and amazed at the sheer size and complexity of workshops. This is my kind of shop, simple everyday tools even if we do wander into metric ( latin to me) imperial still gets a look in. Kind of get the antipodean measurements but am guessing a bees ear must be smaller than a widgets tit but larger than a gnats ck… THANK YOU… will look at your other projects which am sure I will enjoy just as much as this one..

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