Shop Tour 2018, All of My Woodworking and Metalworking Tools!

Here it is, a new workshop tour for 2018 showing all of the updates to my woodworking and metalworking tools in the shop! Hope you guys enjoy, leave any questions in the comments. Check out Powermatic’s awesome power tools here :

🛠 List Of The Tools I Use :

My Wood Whisperer Guild project :
Andy Glass Drilling Station :!/Drill-Storage-Charging-Station-Items/c/26756171/offset=0&sort=nameDesc
My tripod :





20 Replies to “Shop Tour 2018, All of My Woodworking and Metalworking Tools!”

  1. Was that fence from Fastcap? I can't find it. I think if you put a link in you can make some money for the purchase.

  2. Please send the forge and anvil to South Africa. I will buy it and love it. But i think its already long gone. Great shop man enjoy.

  3. Great stuff, like to see an orderly shop. Good luck with that LG air conditioner, EVERYONE I know that owned one had it go bad on them (about nine people, my self included)

  4. I'm interested in getting started in wood working. What are some of the basic tools I should first purchase? I am apprentice electrician and have some hand tools, an impact driver, and a normal drill.

  5. Nice workshop and you have some of my favorite equipments.. just bought the sawstop 3hp. working on turning my two car garage into a small workshop. Really like your outfeed/assembly table.. nice video..

  6. What’s the deal with drum sanders?? I’ve always overlooked them if you have a planer already, I don’t see the point in them personally is there something sick about them that im not gettin??

  7. By the shop setup I assume being a content creator is your main income opposed to selling woodworks as main income?

  8. Great job man. Awesome shop, and amazing tools. And congrats on hustling enough to get the sponsors. This is my first watch but I will definitely subscribe to see more. God bless

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