Wood Router Hacks – 5 Wood Router Tips and Tricks

Wood Router Hacks - 5 Wood Router Tips and Tricks

In this video, we look at 5 tips and tricks for wood routers, including some tips for your router table.

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20 Replies to “Wood Router Hacks – 5 Wood Router Tips and Tricks”

  1. Use an anti slip mat instead of the plywood and then you won’t even need clamps. Double stick tape also works.

  2. Great video, worth watching again. The only time I had to enlarge a circular hole, I took a hole saw and installed the smaller blade that fit the hole. Then I centered my drill press and replaced it with the bigger saw.

    After picking up the piece it threw at me, I clamped it down about four times and did it again, this time getting the right hole in the right place.

    I didn't have a router at the time, but this is a video about routers, LOL. If I did, I might have made a pattern from the hole saw, then center it over the existing hole and enlarge it with a pattern bit.

    However, having a drill press, I would first consider using it on the hole before considering using the router unless the hole were in a place I could not use the drill press.

  3. The 3ed video (mortising jig) eliminates the need for a $1000 domino joiner (Amazon prices). Could easily adapt to cutting domino holes. Then your router and table saw can be used to make your own dominoes.

  4. Good stuff, Colin. I enjoy the exchange of ideas these videos generate. My take on hole enlargement – use CK method if precision (esp. keeping hole perfectly on center) and presentation is paramount, or use most any other method discussed if not. Router table miter gauge vs backer/push block – 1) IMO safety a wash 2)these cuts are on end grain so backer/pusher minimizes tear out. Make sure block is wide enough and long enough to do the job safely 3) Temp router bit holder security – use tape, hot glue, clamp, magnets, straps, zip ties, bubbles gum (just to see if you’ve stayed with me) or anything else you can think of to keep it where it is needed.

  5. Some good tips here. I'd like to add one of my own.
    If you cut your hole too small with a hole saw, you can make a larger cut by inserting the original sized hole saw into the bigger hole saw. It will protrude enough to allow for a stable cut…Just in case you don't have a router table available.

  6. I don't have a jointer, but is the router table with shims behind the fence after the cut the easiest way to joint an edge with minimal setup? That is, if the router is already in the table. I always seem to need 3 routers. 1 small trim router and 2 large routers, so I can keep 1 in the table. Setting up for cuts is always the annoying and time consuming part. Maybe, I'm just too impatient

  7. Nice video when i use a board where the router kan lean against i always use the round side of the router you kan turn iT in any position and the bit stays on exact the same place you shoult try.

    Sorry for my bad english (Holland)

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