Woodworking: Getting Started on a Budget

Starting a woodworking hobby can be intimidating and expensive. I’m here to help and make sure you get the right tools you need in order to start creating. My advice: make sure you watch at least 5 videos on this subject from 5 different sources. Everyone has their own opinion and budget.


Check out tons of projects along with some DIY plans on my website:

20 Replies to “Woodworking: Getting Started on a Budget”

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  2. I feel like ryobi, porter cable and kobalt power tools are all on the same level. Good entry level tools but not professional

  3. I'm just getting into wood working and I've been on swapmeets finding all my tools, this last week i found a ryobi set which had 2 drills, a circular saw (small 4 inch) and a vacuum, with a battery and 2 chargers all for $15 lol and ive been using all of them. also found a handy toughest plunge router brand new in its box for $20. ive found even more but ive been also buying and selling some people just don't know what they are selling sometimes.

  4. I used to work in construction, so I already had invested alot through the years…but!
    The best buys I ever did, where secondhand professional tools.
    Sometimes it takes a while before you encounter a true gem, but it is totally worth the wait!
    I started off with just a jigsaw, drills and sandingmachines and obviously did alot of smaller and rough work.
    2Years ago I had alot of tools for free from an old lady and had major luck, I just needed to help her out and i could take whatever I needed from her former husband's workshop.
    Over the years I accumulated alot of professional tools from auctions, second hand websites etc and still am looking out for some things to improve, but i totally recommend it!
    And get the word out! Sometimes people remember you looking for something and when they cross something, they'll tell you !

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