Woodworking Show 2017

Woodworking Show 2017 in Baltimore, USA. Powermatic, Jet, Festool, Seneco Woodworking, Woodpeckers, Makita, Trend and a few small woodworking manufacturers…
Jeoffrey Noden: http://www.adjustabench.com
Stockroom Supply (Crazy Canadian): http://www.stockroomsupply.ca/blog/tag/crazy-canadian-woodworker/

20 Replies to “Woodworking Show 2017”

  1. The WW show in St Louis (Collinsville, IL, really) gets smaller and more expensive every year. Not worth attending anymore. Maybe I'll visit relatives near Baltimore and give that one a try.

  2. I don't hear too much that's crazy, rather very interesting and clever, with good advice. In the corridors of power these are unusual characteristics, but busy men like yourself don't tweet agitprop at 0630 of a Saturday. Good luck, and thanks for your videos.

  3. Thanks so much for all of this show. But as someone also noted in these comments, I too would like to eat for a month, and my family as well. While woodworking is so much fun, it is also a very expensive trade/hobby and might not be that much fun.

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