Best Woodworking Tool Set For $200

I’ve put tother what I’d consider the best woodworking tool set for around 0.



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20 Replies to “Best Woodworking Tool Set For $200”

  1. My brother Math is the language G*d used to build the universe. To study mathematics is to study the language, design and art of the creator.

    I keep your family in my prayers everyday and very much appreciate your videos.

    Just remember mathematics and physics is so difficult because it is one of the lords most pure creations. It is truly a beautiful endeavour and I believe brings yo closer to understanding the character of the lord.

  2. This is a really cool project Cody! I'm hoping the person that wins it, maybe a young guy, takes a lifelong interest in woodworking. Years down the road he'll look at the box and tool set you put together and say "Wrangler Star made that for me". Long after your gone your legend will live on.

  3. Can we see the baby anvil you used to weigh the last piece down?? I know I’m late, I’m still catching up through your videos ❤️

  4. I cringe every time the plane gets set on the blade, perhaps also the storage should have clearance for the blade. Woodshop was a very long time ago, but I guess I learned a few things. Am I the only one??

  5. So there's this one guy who's building his 2nd small (under 30', = approx.10 m.) wooden boat who's taken the time to describe his tool kit, which I'm keen to know, except that he 1st talks about the very best brass screws on the market in his opinion, only to completely reverse himself, presumably due to a brain fart, which is alright but in his 2nd video he doesn't say what the best ones really are ! Kinda frustrating.
    I'm looking to grow my own basic set of small wooden boat building tools and I'd love it if somebody else would pipe up / step up and describe what they feel is the right 1st few tools for a rookie to acquire. Anybody up for it?

  6. I've been enjoying all your videos for a while now! I've been making my checklist of tools I need to be the common man. If the box give away is still available I would be overjoyed to enter the raffle! I'm just getting into carpentry over the past 3 years and built myself a tiny home. Mostly with power tools though I did some notching with a chisel. Feel free to check out the project at God bless you and your family!

  7. 9:33 Don't think anyone is really masterful in math working in 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 inch. Why would you do that? And you say Metric is dumb.

  8. Please include links to where you purchased these tools I’ve been looking all over for the chisels n sharpening stone at the prices you found them

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