DIY – Modern Adirondack Chairs | Woodworking Project

I am very happy with the results of My Modern Adirondack chair design. They can be made with limited tools and are crazy fun and functional woodworking project.
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  1. For all you folks that made these chairs, how did you attach the seat and back slats? On my prototype (syp) I used brads from my nail gun but don't really think they will last long. On the two I'm making now out of cedar I guess I'll use 1 inch exterior screws unless someone has a better way.

  2. Hey Izzy
    Your sled is crazy. I am blown away. I am wondering how something like that come to your mind? Who are you? Superman? Keep coming.

  3. It took me nearly 2 weeks to complete the building of a bed frame. I take that to be because I ain't no carpenter. All the same I'm very grateful to this woodwork plan [  Check Details In My Channel ], it has really helped me do such a good project. The easy instructions were amazing.

  4. Forgot, you may need to cut the legs down a bit. Chair is to high for my feet to touch the ground. I'm 5'8'' tall.

  5. I just finished making one a few days ago, it's comfortable and sturdy. Neighbors are amazed after trying it out. It's a home run.

  6. I have a lot of designs for furniture. Carpentry has always been my first love. Im wanting to use my God given talent ,to make a living as a carpenter.
    If anyone can give some advice on how to get started. I would appreciate it..!!

    Do something you love and you never have to work a day in your life.

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