12 Great Tablesaw Jigs with Jim Heavey – WOOD magazine

This is a full recap of 12 great tablesaw jigs from WOOD magazine’s JIm Heavey. Cross cut sled, zero clearance inserts, miter gauge extension, auxiliary rip fence, raised panel jig, tenoning jigs, spline cutting jigs and more!

Download the plans to WOOD magazine’s Must Have Jigs here: https://www.woodmagazine.com/pdf/jim-heaveys-12-must-have-jigs

Does it look like you’re missing some videos in your playlist? If you see a gray Private window, don’t worry, you haven’t missed a thing. In fact you should be excited because that tells you we have more videos to come in the weeks to follow. I could tell you the titles but that would ruin the surprise. Thanks for watching and enjoy – now go make something!

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20 Replies to “12 Great Tablesaw Jigs with Jim Heavey – WOOD magazine”

  1. This is one of the best if not the best videos I have ever seen on Youtube. Thank you for your time, I just wish I had your skills.

  2. Awesome video. I truly enjoyed it and got so many ideas from it. I’m going to be building some of these jigs now that I’ve learned about them. Can’t wait to put them into practice. Thank you.

  3. Jim, I do not know if you still look here or not, however, I shall mention this anyway. With the 1/2 inch plywood, which will not sit down clear of the blade to make a replacement, what if after you do the cutting around for fit in the opening, what if you used the side piece to line it up with the blade, hold it down while you rise the blade to cut the slot, instead of changing to an 8 inch dado blade?

  4. Helpful for a novice or somewhat new woodworker. I liked the taper jig. I don't like the thin strip one at all, that's what a push stick is for. I also wouldn't cut 1/8" anything on a table saw after 25 years on one. That's what thickness Sanders are for

  5. "Jigs Rock". Good video, Excellent variety of essential jigs. I'm slowly building my jig inventory as I need them. Now, all I need is a spare room to keep all the jigs in.

  6. "Small little bolt/nut"
    However, the jigs are excellent.
    However, the COVE cutting jig needs to switch the pivot point to the angle arm so that the 'excess' over hangs the TS Fence side and not the cutting area (where it interferes with the operator and work as it is passed over the blade).

  7. WTF. Did the guy who put the words on the bottom of the video go to school?? No capitol letters in the beginning of sentences and no punctuation. I'm 71 years old. Is this what we are learning in school now?? Again. WTF How illiterate.

  8. Great video, you are a great teacher and I picked up a lot of tips. You remind me of my uncle Larry who was a carpenter and mason. Keep up the excellent work. Zarpman

  9. When selecting clear sheeting for guards and windows, be sure to get the shatterproof material. The other stuff that will shatter when struck by an object can send shards flying all over your shop, and maybe strike you or someone nearby. So play it safe.

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