Beginning Japanese Woodworking || Basic Tool Kit

Beginning Japanese Woodworking || Basic Tool Kit


Places to find high quality tools

Tool List below for those inclined.

1. 9 1/2″ Ryoba Saw
2. 1 Try Square and 1 Adjustable Square
3. 275-375 gram Hammer. Wooden Hammer for adjusting a kanna
4. Chisels
5. A single high quality NEW kanna. 50-70mm in size. High quality means not 50$.
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20 Replies to “Beginning Japanese Woodworking || Basic Tool Kit”

  1. One thing I think you should've added to the list is a hand drill of some type with auger bits. It'd make mortise and tenons especially a lot easier to accomplish because you wouldn't need to remove so much material with chisels then. Awesome video!

  2. This video was extremely helpful and informative! Please make more! My only question is as follows: are there any really good places that you'd recommend for acquiring these tools?

  3. Great video. I'd also stress getting a good try square and combination square. If you get a cheap one that's not square, there's really nothing you can do to correct that.

  4. its sooo good to see one of these videos not saying you need to spend £500 on a set of chisels etc etc looking forward to seeing some more projects

  5. You mention spending good money on a japanese plane. Any chance you can provide a good brand or brands to look for?

  6. Informative video. I have questions about your hammer with the Osage Orange handle. You mentioned you cut a branch. DId you wait until it dried out before shaping and attaching the handle? (I have heard of others waiting years for cut wood to dry) I noticed that when you set the hammer down, the curve in the handle and the flat hammer head keeps it upright. Almost ready for you to grab without looking at it. Was this intentional? If so. Very clever. If not, very lucky. (The wise man told me to say that)

  7. Good list and good advice. The only thing you didn't mention that I wouldn't personally want to be without is a marking knife of some sort. Even a cheap box cutter will work if need be.

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