My 10 almost essential woodworking jigs

Everybody has its favourite woodworking jigs. In this video we can take a glance to 10 of my favourite woodworking jigs. You can watch how to make them in my woodworking channel in Youtube.

1.- Table saw sled:

2.- Router table tenoning jig:

3.- Circle cutting jig:

4.- Finger joint router table jig:

5.- Cross-cut circular saw jig:

5b.- Circular saw miter jig: Coming soon in English. You can watch it in Spanish:

6.- Simple circular saw crosscut jig:

7.- Circular saw board ripping jig. Rip fence jig:

8.- Tongue and groove router jig:

9.- Mortise router jig:

10.- Tenon router jig:

And a lot more woodworking videos, like a spline jig and other diy jigs in my channel. Thanks for sharing and for subscribing.
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20 Replies to “My 10 almost essential woodworking jigs”

  1. Good work One of the things I noticed in the background was your modification of the cheap F clamps to parallel jaw clamps Good thinking.

  2. Also really liked the guides on your woodworking table, simple slots as guides, as opposed to aluminium profile. Would like to hear / see more about your woodworking table.

  3. As everybody has said, Sergio, good work( buen trabajo👍)..However, you MUST ask the viewers AT THE VERY BEGINNING to open the links listed in the video description in order to see HOW THE JIGS ARE ACTUALLY MADE.
    Muchas gracias, amigo. Yo hablo árabe pero aprendí poquito español from my students in adult school. Your English is good– grammar and vocabulary — but don't hesitate to ask ANYBODY( young or old) how certain words are pronounced. Make the effort to do that and you won't regret it.

  4. I draw inspiration from guys like you .. infact you are the best youtuber amongst all the talented ones .. so happy to have found you .. your videos are precise and I just didn't realise how the 10 mins have passed (the length of this video) .. my best wishes from New Delhi (India) .. cheers

  5. DUDE….!!!! DUUUUUDE…!!!! STOP SIT AND LISTEN…!!!!!! Jig……okay? Thats J – I – G…..SAY IT…..ji – G….thats a G sound… Ji – GG……. JiG

  6. I want to make a homemade version of the Kreg Square-Cut jig, and your jig #6 is the best version of that cutting jig I've ever seen–it's got a nice big platform for clamping in place (I like having both hands for my tools), and having the guide on top is also a big plus, since it will help a lot in positioning. I'm going to save this for making my own.

  7. i got a question about jig nr 4(spanish only in source movie) how do you know where to start cutting second part to do when they fit perfect with first piece of wood ?

  8. THANK YOU Sergio for some of the BEST vids out there – no time wasted, easy to understand and build, inexpensive, cost-effective, and MOST OF ALL – USEFUL!!!
    While your English may not be "perfect" (whatever that is) to some, I find that it actually ENHANCES my viewing by holding my attention and keeping me focused intently on what you are doing and explaining. To me it is a BONUS FEATURE! : )
    Looking forward to sharing time with you on many more videos in the future.
    Wishing you all the best!

  9. Very useful Jigs, glad that I saw these 2016 video even I saw them late, but I found this video full of very helpful and accurate jigs. Thank you Sergio for sharing. Good Job. 🙂

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