A Card Catalogue part twenty: Finish and hardware.

This is a companion video to A Card Catalogue from the book- The Unplugged Woodshop by Tom Fidgen. 2012. The Taunton Press.
In this video, the shellac finish is applied and the hardware and moldings go on to finish.
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20 Replies to “A Card Catalogue part twenty: Finish and hardware.”

  1. You Sir, are truly amazing!… I enjoyed every minute of your presentation! Your work is beautiful! Thank you!

  2. An exceptional piece of work. I imagine it will be appreciated hundreds of years from now. You inspire me to improve my skills and explore my potential.

  3. thanks for the videos, amazing what you can do "unplugged"!
    got 2 questions, in a comment on another part you wrote that you built it "just" for the book and not a client or so, what happened to that piece afterwards? and how long did it take to build that?

  4. Tom, sou um fã de seus videos e esta sequencia foi sensacional, uma aula de como se pratica a marcenaria. Assim como o Rubens Mateus, sou do Brasil, mais precisamente de Porto Alegre no Rio Grande do Sul, alem da falta de ferramentas para execução manual, somos muito carente de publicações em português (a lingua falada no Brasil) e temos que recorrer a publicações estrangeiras.
    Tomei a liberdade e linquei em meu blog, http://eseck1.blogspot.com.br/ , os seus videos, por se tratarem e um verdadeiro curso de como trabalhar com madeira.

  5. Tom, I just got till the end and I'm very impressed with this amazing work! And I've realized I'm sad. Here in Brazil weve just lost the hand tool way of woodworking. We dont know the properties and capabilities of our native woods. We had not the proper tools to do such work anymore (for just a sample, in most of the tool stores we just have 2 kinds of planes: the big one and the small one! And to bring a tool from outside is unpractical, the absurd taxes of my country do it worthless). Such is the sadness: I got to figure out how to turn the scenario…

  6. Tom,
    Another great build and video.  When you apply the final wax, do you apply it with 0000 steel wool.  In other words, do you use the steel wool to apply the final coat of wax?  Thanks Tom, I really appreciate your work and videos.

  7. This series, as always, was fantastic.  I would love to develop my hand tool skills.  Do you have any suggestions on a type of project to start with?

  8. Richard,
    thanks for the comments and question. I prefer to use a rag to apply shellac- in this case the piece was already assembled, so yes, the brush was easier.
    In a perfect world I prefer to finish the piece before the glue up and as mentioned, apply the shellac by hand with a rag.
    all the best~

  9. Another wonderful piece Tom, I can see how it will work great in the kitchen.
    I noticed a brush being used to apply finish on the inside of the legs… l suppose becuse of the inside corner… I recently viewed Paul Sellers finish a tool chest completely by brush and was wondering about the merits of one over the other. Any thoughts?

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