Table Saw Review Delta 36-725

Table Saw Review Delta 36-725

A short review and my thoughts on the Delta 36-725 Table Saw. This is not an all inclusive review but more of a quick look and my thoughts on the saw. I also talk about the Ridgid R4512 that I had to return for a defect. I think this is a solid table saw for the price point. Having a budget of about 0, this saw is the best deal for the money in my opinion. I ended up paying about 0 for this saw from Lowe’s. Thank you for watching. Please support what I do by liking and subscribing. Sign up for our email list to be notified about new content, products, contests and more!

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Zero clearance insert for this saw that I use:

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20 Replies to “Table Saw Review Delta 36-725”

  1. those plastic pieces im willing to bet are UHMW …aka ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, its super tough and has a smooth glide, wears longer

  2. I’ve had mine for about 1 week. Great saw in my book. One thing I did was wax the top and also the nylon slides on the fence as well as the channel it slides in. Good review!

  3. Great review, I agree with everything you’ve said. Had the same saw for over a year and it’s great! You can convert this saw to 220v, really easy to do and improves the saw power quite a bit

  4. I can see why your impressed coming from the old saw you had but it is still a $500 saw. I went from a Ridged 4512 and using it for 10 yrs to a 3 hp cabinet saw and no comparison to a $500 home center saw. If that is what fits your needs great but I could never go back. Enjoy your Delta.

  5. Highly considering this saw myself. Bought made my mind up after this… The real question is how has your apple watch held up to all the woodworking? Cracked mine within a week of getting it. "nah I dont need apple care…" ha

  6. I have an old Delta like yours. I was getting ready to toss it until I checked that it will do up to 1/2 inch dado. So I got me a dado set, cleaned her up and that's all she's gonna do. I appreciate your video. I got the Dewalt portable table saw. It's pretty good but i definitely will get the Delta you bought. Great job.

  7. I appreciate an honest review of a table saw or joiner. Here is a honest reviewer with enthusiasm for his craft and a supportive family that he shows proper gratitude for. Fine job.

  8. Thanks for the review, you did a good job. Just bought me one a couple of months ago and am happy with it. Question, I get rack when I slide my fence from the far right to the left when it reaches the cast table, will adjusting the UHMW pads and screws help eliminate this?

  9. Thank you for sharing. Great video and process. I am in need of a table saw for my home shop. I need the features of the Delta without the size of a SawStop table saw.

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