How To Get Wood For Free (Or Cheap!)

How To Get Wood For Free (Or Cheap!)

In this video I’ll talk about how and where I get most of the salvaged wood and materials that I use for my projects.

Here’s a link to the restored sapele chest of drawers I mention:

Here’s the pallet wood link I mention:

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  1. Hi Keith what about designing and making a chisel , plane blade honing guide that runs either side of the sharpening block instead of on the top, which would be cleaner and more accurate.

  2. We have a reclamation yard at the bottom of Dixon lane in wortley leeds but they are robbers i wouldn't get anything from there as it ia mostly crap and you can buy in NEW for not much more
    Stuff em the robbing gets

  3. I built my home from 23ft x 7ft pallets. Plus I get 8×4 pallets and a range of other sizes as well as packing case boards and blocks that are softwoods or oak, poplar, beech and other random hardwoods. Not huge blocks, about 24 x 3 x 3 with a rebate for the metsl straps but the 3 x 1/2 boards are generally of corresponding timber.
    Only downside I've found is not the nsils or even the staples, ss my detector picks up all but the tiniest fragments.
    The biggest killer are granite chips and other stone or glass fragments that embed into the wood where they are dragged around yards and lorries.
    You can easily convert a perfect planer knife into a delightful rustic wavy cutter in less than a second.
    Works great on cutters and hand tools as well.
    Flap sanding discs on the 9" grinder seem to be the best cure or meticulous inspection and drawing a scrap of metal sheet across the surface to feel for the click of road grits.

  4. I work a grocery store, most of the pallets we get have to go back to the distribution center but we get some of the small pallets or oversized ones that are fine to take and a bunch of the small and larger ones are made of hardwood. I just got a black walnut slat, 2 maple slats and a white oak slat. Another pallet that the bandsaw for our meat department was delivered on was made of a few 4x4s that were cherry, elm, white oak and what i believe to be white ash. So don't forget to really look at pallets because some are made of really beautiful wood that may just get put in a landfill or be burned and that's just a shame! I also found one that was made of ambrosia maple , i didn't see the grey bug holes until i took my number 7 Stanley to them! My lucky day!

  5. Go to your local woodworker or furniture maker. I have one in my area and he has a load of scrap hard wood of all different species. He just lets me have it for free. Otherwise it would have been thrown away and/or burned. Try your local furniture maker or woodworker to see if you can score some free wood like I did

  6. Nice to see some parts of England look a bit scummier than where I live ๐Ÿ˜› haha. Good video though mate, thank you!

  7. Welcome to the honourable guild of skip rats ๐Ÿ˜‰ For it is written that we shall remove timber from a skip in any weather and at any time. We shall already have plastic to line the back of the car, and we shall take it even though we've already got a massive amount which we haven't actually used yet.

  8. Sonny, I like all of it and go along with it. Think and ask and find a use for it. Somebodys problem can not be just a tip job. If You find a small use for it than good for You! I like it!

  9. If you don't cut trees they rot….I don't think we're running out of them…pine grows fast…it gives off oxygen…we use it for many things…and the cycle of life goes on.

  10. I live in the city, and there is a designated day every month for throwing furniture that is picked up by the city garbage collection. So I would be usually scavenging the neighborhood on a night before the collection. People usually will put them out, put the "GRATIS" sticker, just in case somebody want to take it. But even without a sticker (but it was obviously to be thrown away), a scored many good sources of wood, especially beds are good, because the frame is made out of solid wood beams. But I also found few good shelving pieces, some usable book cases, two big desks, some antiques even, and a lot of particle board stuff, and on that last part I am rather selective, and only take the one that is not damaged in anyway, and is of bigger size. Pallets are also very useful, but you need to be careful and really ask if you can take it, and make sure you understand what chemicals are used in the pallet wood.

  11. Hiya Keith. Not sure if the same all over the UK, but in Scotland BnQ have a huge bay near the exit where you can uplift pieces for a charity donation.
    I was amazed at the material that was in the bay on my last visit, I picked up a very clean piece of 1/2 inch ply approx 5×3 feet! Not sure why that is not for sale in a dedicated part of the store??
    Been in there regularly for a while and there are a lot of great off cuts that apparently โ€œwould be binnedโ€
    Check it out

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