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  1. YOU CAN DO THIS WITH JUST A COMBO BLADE; cut the bulk of the material to your final width PLUS 1/16" (or any value just shy of 1/8", which is the kerf of the blade), move your fence 1/16" toward the blade, pass the board through again in a quick, fluid motion (no pauses to pick up a push stick, check your texts, blow your nose, whatever), and the blade will remove the burn.

    Some other options if you're still getting burn:

    Depending on what you need your final width to be and also depending on the width of the board you're starting with…

    -If you have access to a THICKNESS PLANER, you can reduce the width after you've jointed one edge, though I wouldn't recommend doing this with a board significantly wider than it is thick. The board must be robust enough to stand on its edge and withstand the pressure of the rollers as it passes through the machine.

    -If you have access to a BAND SAW, you can rip a line, which will save you time if you decide to use the planer method, or if you don't/can't pass the piece through a planer, you can just kiss the rough edge with a table saw blade by removing 1/16" or however much is necessary to remove the band saw marks. You can also use a ROUTER TABLE with a flush-trim bit to just kiss off that rough edge.

  2. I'm not a carpenter but still fairly skilled. I cut down a 2 inch solid core door with a plywood blade. LOL.

  3. great video. just a note- you should not wear any jewelry,gloves, ect. when using power tools. Up to you of course.

  4. I have had a dedicated ripping blade for years, I use it on all my tables RIP cuts no matter how thick the wood. But it does sometimes burn on thick lumber if I try too take too much off at once, So I cut my stock to almost where I need it leaving about an 1/8" or so then I use the ripper to final cut it makes pointing easier also because of the smooth cut. Thanks for the vids..

  5. Do you know how many Europeans are drooling over that 12/4 piece of lumber? Hardwood stock of that size is very difficult to find in Europe.

  6. 1 – Flip the lumber over if you’re cutting in multiple passes. No need to have the blade extended all the way out like that.

    2 – Use any blade you have on the table saw and leave a little extra on there. Then run the burned-up edge through the jointer.

    This is pretty basic stuff. I’m gonna stop right there.

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