Carpentry Skills Test

Skills tests are an industry assessment of occupational competence taken by apprentices who wish to practice in their relevant craft. They demonstrate that apprentices have the level of competence and productivity expected by the industry.

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  2. what country is this this is good for young guys that dont want to go to collage and didn't grow up around carpenters i was lucky all my family are carpenter its a great job and its awesome skill to have. But in USA now they just hire illegals sense they charge less and dont ask for vaca ot. buut thats cool to each there own they do work cant say shit about that

  3. People, people, people.. some weren't born into a family that had someone who worked in said trade, and it's hard trying to find companies that will hire without SOME experience. Most won't give you a chance, even if you might have a better work ethic than someone who has had experience, therefore leaving them no other choice than to try and go to school for it. It's either that or work another dead end job that you hate.

  4. Although there isn't as much regulation as other trades its still important to at least be open to the idea of schooling. I come from a long line of carpenters and I took a 1 year carpentry course because the college was close and I had the money for it. Best money I ever spent because it taught me to not have a closed mind and take each day as a chance to learn something new. Sure some people will get out of school and think they know everything, they quickly learn to keep quiet when you give them the blueprints and say hes the leader for today with a crew of guys. They might make it an hour before they come to me asking questions or they learned their lesson. Is it productive to do that? no, but its something I like to do to gauge how someone will be and if I want them working for me. I also took architecture after carpentry and it taught me things I couldn't learn on a jobsite or from my father. I have never seen load calculations or free body diagrams on a job site its always go by the plans and the building code. This knowledge helps me catch things that could be a potential headache later and you have a better understanding of what the engineer is doing and why.

    Women should always be welcomed to a trade for those that are serious about it. I have seen women that have out worked all the men on the crew, they don't dick around on their phones or sit and have a smoke break every hour. The old notion of it being to hard for a woman to do this line of work is disgusting. I've seen small guys doing crazy crap where you gotta yell at them to stop, don't need someone hurting themselves. If you are worried about being worn out at an early age you need to work smart, there are some jobs that it will not matter but its the same for both genders.

    To many people flood this industry with the notion that because they watched a tradesmen for a few months that they can automatically do it and they don't need to learn anything more. It makes it hard for the real guys that are at the top because shoddy workmanship has become pretty common. Case in point if you look at some of the cookie cutter homes being built you see it.

    If you wanna get ahead you should be open to learning new things, cause college boy might know something you don't and the same can be said if the roles were reversed.

  5. Apprenticeship was so long ago I didn't have to do this for my qualifications!
    Had to do something similar to get a VISA to work in Australia though

  6. Wat does illegals say wen they come to America. Me do construction. Let’s not forget they get 10$ a day Mexico so wen they make 200$ a day in America it’s 19 time there pay. So an American avg. carpenter is 250$ a day min. Times that by 19 and ull finally be equal to an illegal and u might just work harder at almost 5,000 a day they should stick the broom up there ass and sweep while they walk. 1.5 million a year. Hard workers my ass show any American were we can go make that im there tomorrow shacked up with 20 guys because I’ll retire in 5 years not 35 years and still fuckin worrie

  7. There’s handy men and real carpenter most don’t know the diffrence. Union trades are only thing that’s worth it otherwise do somthing else because every border jumper does construction it ruined our trades

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