Hand Tool Woodworking – The Unplugged Woodshop Toronto

Where traditional tools and techniques, meet modern sensibilities and design.
The Artisan Program
You’ll discover the tools, materials, methods and techniques we use here at The Unplugged Woodshop. The fundamental skills involved in furniture making, using only hand tools, will be yours to discover, practice and develop. Through a deliberate and methodical approach to working wood with your hands, you’ll gain valuable insight into the process and techniques used in the fine art of cabinetmaking.

Check the Unplugged Woodshop website for details.

Woodworking School

The music in this video was downloaded for free at: http://www.bensound.com

20 Replies to “Hand Tool Woodworking – The Unplugged Woodshop Toronto”

  1. Tom!

    Love this video. Very welcoming and draws you in. I wish I lived closer to stop by. Best of luck in your awesome and ever inspiring journey. Cheers!

  2. I'm from Mauritius and it's miles and miles away from your shop. I just wanna say that all your vids are very inspiring. I just started wood working as DIY and look forward to be into it at full time. great jobs continues the dreams. Regards Might.

  3. I've heard more upbeat music at funerals! The somber music, for me, detracts from what is excellent footage of your program. Hand tools wood working is happy stuff and the music should reflect that in my opinion.

  4. Estetik açıdan güzel bir video olmuş lakin bilgi acısından yeterli bulamadım şimdiden teşekkür ederim Tom Fidgen.

  5. Love your videos Tom. It's like meditation. We should "restart" the human race by all of us learning again to work with our hands, mind, back, and spirit; be hungry and content at the end of a day and sleep like we were meant to…cheers…rr

  6. I get that you want to elevate the art level of your videos but all the out of focus camera work gives me a headache which is unfortunate since I really want to watch them

  7. Wonderful, Would you, someday, do a seminar in Quebec ? I can't afford to live in Toronto.. But I would gladly see you for some event in Quebec. Keep it up, nothing better than something you do entirely with your hands.

  8. Just wanted to say that I love your work, and I've been re watching all your videos. Always get lots of inspiration! Would love to meet you one day! Would love to see some more projects 🙂

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