PSI Turncrafter commander 10" Wood Lathe Review (Variable speed)

I couldn’t find anything of substance for this benchtop lathe before I bought it, So I figured I would help and potential buyers out by sharing the good, bad, and ugly details on this Penn State Industries Bench top Wood Lathe.

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9 Replies to “PSI Turncrafter commander 10" Wood Lathe Review (Variable speed)”

  1. I have one and within the first six months I have had to replace the electronic controller twice. Not real happy with the service and time of shipping it has taken to get parts here in the midwest.

  2. I have been looking at getting this lathe. How was the alignment with the original center? Oh and is that a Hana with an atlantis

  3. I am look to get the 10"VS from PSI my question to you is what is your RPM range in belt setting #1 and belt setting #2

  4. You said the plastic cover vibrates. Not sure if you have the metal plate that holds it steady on the outer side. That plate on mine holds the plastic cover steady. I initially had the plate on the inside and it vibrated. Mine also came with the power connections broken.

  5. Good Review, thanks for taking the time and posting. I'm still researching and haven't decided which lathe yet but this gives a good look. It appears to be good quality.

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