20 Replies to “Amazing Woodworking Skills Extremely Smart Carpenter – How To Build Under Kitchen Cabinets, DIY”

  1. Had to stop watching. Like watching a child with matches and petrol, just waiting for it all to go wrong in a big way.

  2. Try this page , it's absolutely usefull and can help everyone to start with woodworking OPEN WOOD START . ML !

  3. They can't even be bother wearing any safety equipment. If a worker of mine turned up to my wood shop looking like that i would send him home the first time and fired the second.

  4. NEVER,NEVER pass your hand OVER a planer blade . Anyone can slip and believe me it is NOT pretty . I have seen the end result .

  5. Pero …. porqué descalzos , y la seguridad donde está ? El trasmitir estos vídeos confunde , debe de haber un mínimo de seguridad , se les cae una tabla pesada en los pies y luego que ?

  6. Hardly production efficiency given the tools used. Amazing they all still need have 10 fingers. That unit probably sells for $250.

  7. Horrível, peças mal acabadas e somente parafusadas. É só um bando de gente feia com máquinas que poderiam ser melhor aproveitadas nas mãos de um VERDADEIRO marceneiro.

  8. Cuando hacen eso de usar la sepilladora sin protección me da nervios por que a la edad de 14 años me agarré los dedos con esa maquina

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