Intelligent Technology Huge Trees Felling USA Canada Mega Woodwork Turbo ChainSaw Sawmill Saw

Compilation of a variety of devices and accessories for sawing wood. Cool ideas for household people. Automatic Wood Splitter, Log Splitter, Turbo ChainSaw, Sawmill, Drum chopper, Hydraulic turning machine for logs, lathe, CNC etc.
Amazing woodworking and craft from USA, Europe, Russia, China and Japan.
What makes life easier – Intelligent Technology Mega Machines Unusual Woodwork Turbo ChainSaw Log Splitter Lathe CNC Sawmill Saw Equipment
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Amazing Wood Products and WoodWorking Projects You MUST SEE

Intelligent Technology Felling of Huge Trees USA Canada Japan Mega Machines Unusual Woodwork Turbo ChainSaw Sawmill Saw Log Splitter CNC

Вырубка и валка огромных деревьев.
Подборка разнообразных устройств и приспособлений для распиливания дерева. Крутые идеи для хозяйственных людей. Современная автоматическая обработка дерева.
Какие чудеса можно выточить на токарном станке из дерева? Невозможно оторваться! Невероятное мастерство скульптуры из дерева из Европы, Америки и России. Современные технологии деревообработки из Японии.
То, что делает жизнь легче – Пилорама, Дровокол, Пила.

Primitiva Tecnología vs Mega Máquinas. Lo que hace la vida más fácil Aserradero. Inusual Madera De

Qué milagros pueden ser tallados de madera en un torno? Imposible salir! Compilación de una variedad de dispositivos y accesorios para el corte de madera. Buenas ideas para.

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  1. Il y a plusieurs façons d'abattre en forêt: Usa, l'entaille est basse et en Europe, l'entaille est haute

  2. 9:00 Any comments on how much higher the back-cut is than the base of that shallow face cut? Isn't he risking a broken hinge and loss of control?

  3. What I thought would be my backup is now my most used saw! I figured it would come in handy to have this for small stuff, limbing, and quick jobs==> but I have been using this more than my gas powered saw! Much more powerful than I expected and the battery lasts longer than I would have thought. We are doing a lot of clean up over the past two months due to recent storms and tornadoes, so this thing is getting a work out and has yet to disappoint! It is also less tiring for long sessions since there is less vibration than there would be with a gas engine and is lighter in weight. Another advantage is the easy start. This has become my go-to saw for all but the biggest trees that I am dealing with.

  4. Warum muss man solche großen Bäume Fällen? Das kann ich nicht verstehen,Leute die so was machen sind nicht ganz klar im Kopf.

  5. Як боляче дивитись це. Дерева, котрим декілька столітть, гублять через примхи ідіотів.

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