David Ray Pine's Woodworking Workshop Tour

See the workshop and furniture of a master furniture reproductionist woodworker in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. See the article & photos here: http://woodandshop.com/david-ray-pine-woodworking-workshop-tour

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20 Replies to “David Ray Pine's Woodworking Workshop Tour”

  1. Nicely done video David, thank you for inviting me into your shop and better yet into your home, both exemplify your personality and your craftsmanship. Love your eye for detail in your carvings. I am too old to take on the craft with that level of seriousness. but at least I can enjoy what you have given to us. Thank you again.

  2. The days of yore, thanks for the experience.
    An old shipwright friend had a similar workspace, where
    time and experience live.
    Thank you.

  3. I Love these videos… but I noticed that every American shop looks like somebody standing outside the building threw the tools inside… and then a bomb exploded

  4. Thank you for this. I love that there are still craftsmen around who can do this highly skilled work and patrons enough to appreciate it. This video has a timeless quality about it. The sense of peace I felt while watching this was a real gift. Thanks.

  5. Excellent video, I enjoyed every bit of info you shared. From the memories of buying that tool in 1971, to the type and styles different generations had back then. It’s a shame they just dont make them like they use to.

  6. I'm a woodworker myself and appreciate what you do but for heavens sake; Blow your noes, you're in the house now.

  7. Love these tour shop videos and getting to know people who work there.
    This is what hones a person to decide what to have in their own dream workshop!
    Thank you!

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