TOP 10 Favorite Woodworking Shop Products | Tools Organization Accessories Gift Ideas?

Molly and Dylan’s favorite tools and accessories for the woodworking shop. Need to find a gift for a woodworker? Organization is key to an efficient shop!
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WD-40 Specialist Products:
WD-40 EZ-Reach:
WD-40 Trigger Pro:
WD-40 Specialist Spray And Stay Gel Lubricant:

Magnetic Tool Holders:
Battery Leaf Blower:
Clamp Racks:
Wood Rack:
Screw Storage Bins: (very similar)
Anti Fatigue Floor Mat:
Customizable Work Stands:(Require legs and stretchers)
T-Track Work Stand Top:
LED Shop Lights available at Rockler:
Tool Mobile Base:

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20 Replies to “TOP 10 Favorite Woodworking Shop Products | Tools Organization Accessories Gift Ideas?”

  1. I was wondering when you were going to start begging for money? 4 minutes and 36 seconds LoL Not even half way through your video. Thanks for showing us all of your sponsored stuff; I love twelve minute commercials!

  2. Hey great video. I have many things on your list and appreciate the links to those I don't. I say this with the utmost respect, please get a tripod, or camera-person. I was getting a little car-sick. Keep up the good work and the plans for the TV cabinet are well done. Good value for $20.

  3. (Scolding voice) "Bad movie!" You two guys are really talented. If you hold an auto focus camera to show yourself and the background the only thing the audience can see clearly is your face. We could not see any of the items, shelves, tools that you were trying to show us. Tho blurred they looked great. Please consider in the future.

  4. These are some really really great tips. I'll be checking out a few of these. I need to totally revamp my storage/organization.

  5. Thanks for your list of favorite woodworking shop products. It helps we see what others are using and like. There are so many things out there that I will never know about until I see other like minded people using them. 🙂

  6. Who makes/sells those magnetic strips? Would like to get some myself but want to ensure the magnet is really strong.

  7. You guys are great, keep the videos coming, don't listen to the trolls….When people take the time to stop and criticize your success that means you are getting somewhere 😉

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