Episode 1 Wood The Apprenticeship: Woodworking Techniques and Tips

Professional woodworker, John Landis, takes you on as his apprentice through a series of educational woodworking videos. Using projects being built in his company’s shop, he’ll go over techniques and procedures that easily apply to projects you may be working on. He’ll use tools such as the jointer, planer, lathe, table saw, router, band saw and hand tools.
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20 Replies to “Episode 1 Wood The Apprenticeship: Woodworking Techniques and Tips”

  1. Great information, looking forward to the rest of the series. Excited that I have four more episodes; saddened that I only have four more episodes. Would love to see you continue the series.

  2. pepe amazing plan” ( t.co/KVHoQA2pDg ), is definitely a comprehensive woodworking book! By making use of this plan, I had been able to utilize words, drawings, real pictures and various diagrams. It`s really an informative product. I`m currently creating furniture along with my sibling and thanks to this product, I feel like helping him is possible.

  3. if I am not mistaken the longitudinal still expand or shrink with respect to the temperature. Thermal expansion. Just adding a tid bit of info ;).

  4. Thanks for uploading! i am not the most hands on guy but I have a small project in mind and I came to youtube to build up mt theory before I take saw to wood. It's great that series like this exist and we are all very lucky to have people who are willing to share their skills freely. So thanks again!

  5. John, it appears that your videos are wonderful, especially for those who have room for a workshop, and all the tools and jigs to go with it.

    I have a bandsaw (sitting on my dining room table), for which I'd like to make a "V block", but I have no access to a table saw, with which to cut angles into the jig. Please provide your possible solutions.

    Many thanks,
    New subscriber

  6. Nice video. Always knew wood shrinks and swells with humidity but I didn't know how it did. On to the next video.

  7. I've never even worked with wood, but this was super interesting! I'm actually interested in woodworking now haha.

  8. Hi John, I'm redoing my wood floors and for some reason in certain spots it's changing colors like splotchy. It's like a light paper bag brown, they really stand out. It does it even after I sand and stained it. Can you help?

  9. Holly Sh*t, Johnny Sins teach me about wood.
    Just kidding, i love your videos, I subscribed and i’ll watch them all.

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