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  1. A couple months ago I downloaded sketchup to draw my bed. I gave up because I didn't have anything to tell me how to use the program. How did you learn how?

  2. Good tutorial… Except that bloody annoying 'musak'. Not cool mate.
    Also, your Sketch Up download is no use, without the program. A link to that might have been helpful.
    I'll give you a thumbs up though for effort.

  3. I used your SketchUp file to build this, adapted to the dimensions in my Chevy Express 2500 cargo van conversion – and it turned out very well. I used 1" x 3" pine from New Zealand for the slats – ten outer and nine inner – and it is very sturdy. Your build looked WAY under-engineered to me with so few 1" x 2". The plans were a superb help, so thank you for that, but I HIGHLY recommend people who build this pull-out use 1 x 3" and more of them, to boot. I'm not a heavyweight (6' 1" and 184 lbs) and I bet there would be a catastrophic failure if I built it the way you propose.

  4. Yes…the slats DO look too far apart…BUT; if I make it a bit wider..say for a Q or K…and dont pull it all the way out..it leaves that great double strip of support in the middle! thanks for this; I had to take still shots becuz I cant figur out how to view it on sketchup (darn!) AND i am actually attempting to hack this for my small cabin..for a couch like the IKEA pull out/pull up (Friheten Corner Sofa Bed With Storage Skiftebo Dark Grey Ikea Brathult
    ; now called …The IKEA Friheten Sofa Bed) Im using your great pictures to hack a van sofa and an IKEA sofa into a sleeper sofa WITH storage (yay!) for my very small cabin in Mendocino CA! great!! thanks so much!

  5. A few questions. 1) Wouldn't you have greater support if the lengthwise 2×4's were edge-up instead of flat? Try standing on a 2×4 either way and it is stronger when you stand on its edge. 2) There seems to be very little support on the legs of the slideout. If you move it side to side, it looks like it would crumble. 3) In the center back I don't see a leg. Is that because you are using the wheel well as support there? 4) Also, I don't see any lateral support at the base. If you are on it and more (length-wise) back and forth, what is there to stop it from crumbling?

  6. How heavy is that (ballpark) lol idk I think I’ll just try a cot haha seems to intricate for meπŸ˜‚. I love your ikea cabinet idea…but yet probably end up using some plastic drawers that Wally World hasπŸ˜‚ anyway haha enough bout me telling you of my in capabilities take care πŸ˜‰βœŒοΈ

  7. Ugh no offense but there's absolutely no reason to use the 'laser sight" – it's just a stupid marketing gimmick! Use a pencil, a square, and the blade edge like a normal adult human carpenter

  8. Pretty good idea and design, personally I would probably have slats closer together and I cant help but think you remind me of inspector gadget lol.

    Good vid thanks

  9. Hey there! Can you list the type of wood you bought and all the lengths? I am going to build your version next week ! Thank you so much for this incredible documentation

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