18 things every beginning woodworker should know

New to woodworking? Here are some honest tips and advice to get started. Looking for a meaningful, productive hobby? Learn how to set up shop for less than 00. Download my FREE GUIDE ► https://theweekendwoodworker.com/tww-tools/

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20 Replies to “18 things every beginning woodworker should know”

  1. One mistake I have made and still make is thinking my 12 inch slider will be accurate. Yeah… not so much. Love the "don't think you have to have one tool color." I love my Milwaukee, I own a lot of Ryobi and will keep buying it. Why, It's cheap and works well. Great video.

  2. Permission to paint?! Yaaaaaaas! I think your videos will quickly become part of my "must have" tools too. Love it, subscribed!

  3. Two things that I learn from being a beginner is that all the family members want your job for free and the other things is that everyone thinks that you charge too much and is a lot cheaper if they just buy it on stores..

  4. For the first time in my life, I started woodworking… a real hobby. And for the first time in my life I found joy in something productive that wasn't sitting my ass on a couch.

    I built a 94" Long X 32" Tall X 28" Deep tv console. I screwed up the finishes on one corner, and felt like a failure. I really appreciated hearing that even someone with decades of experience still "turns the crappy side towards the wall", and makes mistakes. Subscriber earned.

    Thank you!

  5. .. since i discovered your channel, its always watch it till the end..so straight and simple.. Thanks Steve..will soon get started …

  6. Brilliant video Steve, brings reality back into an increasingly elitist world. I make lots of mistakes on my projects but I am a Ninja Warrior at hiding them with filler. Once painted over, nobody notices or even cares 😎

  7. Thank you sir for this great video. I’ve been a hobby woodworker for 20 years. And everything you said was the truth thank you for sharing.

  8. Your tools don't have to match colors or brands… 😀😀🤣😂😃😅 LOVE it! Excellent points. Now if you can tell me how to get the dorks at "big blue homestore" to stop telling me the tool drawer chests make great jewelry boxes. 😒 I'm like dude… If I want a jewelry box I'm gonna make it from the tools I was hoping to store in this drawered chest. Yikes. 😁

  9. Thank you for saying, "stop pointing out your mistakes." To stop and just enjoy that you created something. I think that's pretty awesome and advice as novice beginner like myself should definitely take. Thank you!

  10. Started out helping my dad as a kid. I pretty much stick with the same basic methods. I don’t buy all the fancy tools to help you.

  11. I work on the fact if i buy a pre cut item then glue and screw it together i'll go that way but if I'm wanting custom made like a work bench or custom shelving for storage i'll make it
    As for tools i find cheap ones work just as good as b&d or ryobi , tongue groove joinery is my go too

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