Reclaimed Barnwood Bassinet

This is a bassinet I built from reclaimed barn wood, specifically old wormy chestnut. This baby cradle turned out great and will be an heirloom in someone’s family for generations.

Download an as-built Sketchup model of this project here:

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  1. I bought the plans and made a version of this bassinet out of New Zealand Kauri wood and 100 year old foundry maple for my soon to arrive grandson.The plans were great. Thanks so much. Wish I could send you a photo.. not sure how.

  2. You’re a fine craftsman for sure. But the shameless plugging of your redneck merchandise was unbearable and I only watched 3 minutes…

  3. Seems nice enough but the sharp edges on the broken board on the right makes it look cheap and I would never put my kid in it. That edge alone makes it unsafe, you could of done some router work instead of making the planking on the sides look like the kid would be in a crate.

  4. I recently purchased the reclaimed wood bassinet plans on 8-12-17 but have not received them via email. I have checked primary, social, promotional and spam. Still nothing. If you can help out Freddie I would be greatly appreciative.

  5. Wow sir, this is absolutely superb! Thumbs up and subscribed. I am useless at diy but I have my first grandchild on the way so may have an attempt at this.

  6. How stupid you are not to round the edges to the cot … you have 1,000 tools and no milling … so too stupid and brainless

  7. Could you please provide the exact measurements for this ? It would be helpful for me to create the same.

  8. Amazing! I am in the process of convincing my wife I can build a bassinet and crib, thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Thanks Freddie! Grand baby #1 on the way … this is the cradle I'm going with…All your vids are awesome!

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