How to Make a Bench with Traditional Woodworking Joinery

The highlight of this wood bench is its wedged mortise and tenon joinery that are featured by the contrasting wood.


Milling Video:
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20 Replies to “How to Make a Bench with Traditional Woodworking Joinery”

  1. Hahaha … If i had hear, i couldn't fit it in this joint. LOL! i would like to see a video aubout handsaw technique! this bench is awsome man!

  2. Try to get the best result with handtools but pull out the mighty sander… It's also me every time. Love your videos, thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Very nice work. What was you final assessment of the altered mortise? Would you always do that for that type of split tenon?

  4. Lovely work. The only suggestion I'd make is about your wedged tenons. 1: the relief hole you drill is a little too big. You actually increase the chance of splitting. 2: when driving your wedges in, do so evenly. A little each time. This way you'd avoid the uneven look of the thickness of your wedges showing at the surface. Aesthetics I know but…….
    Sub'd btw. 😉

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