Frank Klausz Woodworking Workshop Tour

Frank Klausz Woodworking Workshop Tour

Frank Klausz gives Joshua Farnsworth a tour of his new workshop:

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20 Replies to “Frank Klausz Woodworking Workshop Tour”

  1. This is the most beautiful workshop, a dream for anyone working with wood….. and the tools…. brilliant. Thank you Frank for sharing! All the best from Hamburg :o)

  2. Isso sim é que é uma marcenaria!! Belíssima marcenaria!!! Um capricho e um luxo só! E o Sr Klausz, mestre marceneiro é fantástico! Parabéns.

  3. Ho hum, not impressed. Only people who haven't done a lot of woodworking would buy into this guy, he's full of BS.

  4. I know and understand why all the woodworkers are impressed with the shop. However I'm very new to woodworking and only on a small scale, and I’m more impressed with a wonderful man to whom his family and craft are everything.

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