20 Replies to “Never Buy Tools From These Companies Again!”

  1. If your buying anything online check the legitimacy of the site. CHECK how long the site has been running and search reviews. Google it. Peace.🤔🤔🤔

  2. I'm selling a garage full of cars for only $10,000 it includes a BMW, Mercedes, & a Lamborghini. Send me cash. 😂😂😂😂🤦‍♂🤷‍♂

  3. actually, the order won't go through, if you try to make am order , when yoy go to check up on the status of your order it will always be pending. this is because its a US website. what will happen is you will see a strange transaction on you card from some company you jabe never heard of. the charge will be about 150$. thos particular website wont actually charge you

  4. Sounds like my steroid site lol. But they send it. Pretty scary tho. Takes a long time to get lol

  5. Hey Vince can you do one on Irwin Vise grip clamps and Milwaukee clamps and CH Hanson clamps cuz it's hard to find a good clamp they always breaking

  6. DeWalt, Makita. And Milwaukee make both consumer grade and industrial grade products Home depot and Lowe's handle the consumer grade go to a regular hardware store or construction supply dealer if you want the industrial grade.. you pay more but its better grade more windings in the motors and heavier gears

  7. Why does it say "Never Buy Tools From These Companies Again!" and then show pictures of Home Depot and Loews, and then not talk about them but talk about scam websites? That's a scam in itself. And, on the reviewed sites, can you post some info showing people really have been scammed, rather than just speculate based on appearances.

  8. Although there is useful information in this video, the thumbnail is click bait & the video seems to be too long.

  9. Extra words huh you mean like you do drag a video on for half an hour when you could say it in 5 minutes.. lol

  10. Another Patel scamming company then those people living in big suburbs houses driving new cars just making easy $$$$ scamming people

  11. I dont need click bait when i'm looking for actual useful information. Why dont you try being honest like you want these other companies to be?

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