The Home Depot- Framing Lumber Options

Associate John Schwager highlights our line of framing lumber options versus lumber from a local lumberyard. He points out the difference in quality, species of the wood (douglas fir versus spruce) and a lower price. Watch to see the differences.

20 Replies to “The Home Depot- Framing Lumber Options”

  1. How do they get away with lying like this? Anyone that has bought lumber at HD or Lowe's knows you have to go on a digging expedition to find half decent wood. And if you're buying pressure treated, good luck. Nice and straight in the store but soaking wet and when you get it home and it dries out it twists itself into all sorts of modern art.

  2. If you can get someone to help you. I was a cashier and had to help every customer because when you paged a lumber associate nobody showed up. Piss poor customer service.

  3. Lumber is graded to a higher standard compared to Lumber Yards my ass 😂😂😂 I only go to HD on weekends because every lumber yard within a 3 hour drive of me is closed, or if it's late and they are the only store open. I find myself spending an eternity digging for good wood until I finally get fustrated and give up and just pay for the knotted bent ass wood they have. Hell even Lowes has y'all beat m

  4. Hommie doppie has the WORST lumber. I have yet to meet a professional carpenter who buys from H.D! The McDonald's of lumber!

  5. I wish I knew which HD he works at so I can tell him hes full of SHIT!!! I have to spend a good 10-15min sorting through their shitty wood for 12 good peices of 2x4x8.

  6. hd is a piece of work lol we all know as contractors we go to lumber yards bc they have the actual good stuff might cost a bit more buts its better than having your customer call you 4 months later why there patio is twisting

  7. Will Home Depot people cut the wood into shape for me I don't have power tools and I live in a apparent complex so I can't make a lot of noise for too long lol would really appreciate the answer

  8. Nice quality on the lumber cart and in the video. What did you shoot that with and what did you use to capture audio?

  9. HD has made many changes, and of course, each store is a bit different. There are policies in place that the lumber associates are to cull the lumber stacks to remove the "undesired" pieces. I work at Home Depot and I know we do our best to show our best for our customers.

  10. You do know you are lying right? We have been to HD, don't you think we have seen all the crappy lumber you have available. I would be willing to bet that majority of your lumber is not good quality. I like and shop at HD but you don't have to lie.

  11. that some  1st grade  bullshit !   I have seen  countless  times and numbers  of   Fxxxxx  lumber   that's knotted  and  split  or bowed  .. you have to search  for what u  need and sometimes  that means going to  more than one home depot

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