20 Replies to “Thrift Store rescue #9 | $5.00 Mid Century Desk Restoration”

  1. Awesome sir. I'd like to restore my mother/father small china cabinet. The wood veneer has broken off in large sections peeled up beyond repair I think. Could I send you some photos of what you think. Hopefully it could be saved.

  2. May I ask what brand of polyurethane did you use and how many layers? I've been using water-based polyurethane and can never get a super smooth finish with them (using a nylon brush or a foam brush)

  3. You made that desk look great. I noticed there are lots of people on You Tube who are painting furniture, even 100 year old antiques are being painted.

  4. So…. I have a pet peeve… That before AND after pics in VIDEO THUNBNAILS!!!! It doesn't make sense to show the finished product at the beginning of the video!!!!!next one I see I unsubscribe. I have no reason to watch a video… It's like playing the ending of a movie for the preview…

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