True Position Tool Cabinet Hardware Jig – fastest set up by woodworker

Say hello to yet another tested and highly recommended tool by Alder Elite woodworks

We consider this hardware jig as one of best on the market. Made in the USA from finest materials it is sure to become a great addition to your tool arsenal. It will make you faster and better cabinet hardware installer no matter if you are professional cabinet guy, woodworker or weekend home improvement, enthusiast. It is simply a must-have tool!

From Manufacturer:

TP-1934 Cabinet Hardware Jig
The fastest and most accurate hardware tool on the market. Install hardware 10x faster!

For professional installation of handles and knobs. Works on door and drawer fronts. An invaluable tool for any cabinet installer. Simply slide guides and stop along English/Metric rulers, tighten thumb screws and drill. The TP-1934 Cabinet Hardware Jig is the core unit of the complete drilling system (TP-1935 Cabinet Hardware Jig and Long Hardware Extensions). Locates hardware holes of any dimension on door and drawer fronts.

Includes standard 5MM drill bit (approx. 3/16-Inch). Durable lightweight aluminum with case hardened steel bushings. Made in the USA

Saves time wasted making wood templates

Durable aircraft quality aluminum
5mm case hardened steel bushings are replaceable
Made in the USA

Purchase at:
True position TP-1934 Cabinet Hardware Jig

TP-1935 Cabinet Hardware Jig and Long Hardware Extensions:

TP-1935 Cabinet Hardware Jig and Long Hardware Extensions

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6 Replies to “True Position Tool Cabinet Hardware Jig – fastest set up by woodworker”

  1. I love the concept but $189 usd is a overkill for this product $75 or $80 is more acceptable and even pushing the envelope. But great jig.

  2. Very informative, thank you for not wasting our time by pretending you're some sort of YouTube celebrity like so many others.

  3. Nice, but shows a weakness with even slightly larger doors — when doing the drawer pull, he had to manually fit it to center. For door pulls, it would be great. But for drawers, it looked maxed out for a 14" panel — so if you had a 2-drawer base cabinet, each might be 16" tall, and this jig wouldn't be able to get the job done. And the width is narrow enough that you probably will always have to manually find center — why not add the functionality to enable these jigs to use the edge guide and work on drawers in 32" or larger base units?? (cost, I know) Rockler makes a jig that is great, but its weakness is in the vertical dimension. It handled all drawer WIDTHS but maxed out on 10" tall drawer fronts, I think. But at least that one was easy to add an extension to — I don't know how I'd extend this one. That said, I see it on sale for $18, and I'll probably grab it — it's got a lot of functional benefits!!

  4. Owned this tool (with the shelf jig attachments) for many years, it’s pricey but worth its weight in gold.

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