New Basement Woodworking Shop in Denver

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This video is about my New Shop in Denver

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20 Replies to “New Basement Woodworking Shop in Denver”

  1. Did anyone get Hyezmar's Woodworking Bible yet? I think he's still looking for proof readers. At least that's what read in a blog after googling him.

  2. Hope you don't have bentonite clay issues which are very common to Denver or that is an older house where the floor has been sitting 10+ years.

  3. I think your videos r good n I subscribed to your channel. It would be
    great to have you aboard with the other great woodworkers I have
    subscribed to my channel. Thank u 🙂

  4. I am so envious! it's so unusual to have the chance to arrange a new shop like this.
    It's a great space.

  5. I have found that if you use a devise to vibrate the floor while filling with sand it goes in really easy and you can fill even hairline crack really easily. I just used a hammer drill with a large flathead bit made from round stock.

  6. Could have saved a lot of time using a hose and a wet vac to rinse after the etch. Also. POUR the epoxy on the floor and move it around with the roller.

  7. Dude…. I am dying to see a new video after this new shop video….. we miss you! Or atleast I miss your content. lol Lets see some more shop progress and hows the saw blade product coming along?

  8. Looking forward to see your new shop and ideas! Greetings from Brazil! (By the way, you sound exactly like Jimmy Kimmel!)

  9. Love to see the new shop started not many chances people get to start over from scratch. Looking grad to the rest of the setup

  10. Andy, just wondering what prompted the move and from where? Can't wait to see the shop come together, green with envy for a space like that and enough head room where I wouldn't have to duck going thru my doorways. AHHH maybe someday, lol

  11. Great Shop update, Great meeting you at W.I.A. Good luck in the future with the new shop, I will be following your shop set up videos and thanks for your valuable advice! Jim (aka) Texas Buckeye Workshop

  12. Congrats on the new shop! Can't wait to see the finished space. How do you plan to handle the noise? Will that be an issue for your family upstairs?

  13. I dont know if you lived around mountains before? Now that you defiantly do, I have some secrete advice for you because I like you. "No mountain too big for a stepper." Welcome, Im sure you will find Gold in this magical place. No more secretes for awhile. I will probably get in trouble for letting this one out.

  14. Yeah you've got a lot of work to get set up but WOW, 1200 square feet!! I am so jealous.

    The Elasti Poxy looks like pretty cool stuff. Does that or the etching compound off gas very much?

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