20 Replies to “#Amazing Woodworking Carpenters Perfect At A New Level Fast and Accurately Easy – Tools Woodworking”

  1. This is really, really nice. Job well done.
    One thing: seeing put our hands on each side of the table saw stresses me out.

  2. Wow. He sure can shove wood through a machine and speed up the video. Pretty brilliant. Where do i click for the fully blind dovetail with hand tools.

  3. 4:29 – Please be more careful as your 'narration text' is underneath your 'Amazing Woodworking' logo text and we can't read it.

  4. No fare this isn't your video , your must take it down or link it bake to its actual owner! Or be reported

  5. Сними перчатки.
    Без ✋ рук останешся.
    Техника безопасности написана кровью

  6. Beautiful. I love it. I especially like Purple Heart wood. One day I’m going to get something made with Purple Heart in it.

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